Cube Entertainment’s new rookie boy group are finally here with their debut song ‘Gorilla’! It’s been a whirlwind for this particular company, with their past groups 4Minute and now recently BEAST with their contact expiry date coming up and reportedly have no plans with resigning to remain being artists under Cube.

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It’s a catchy song off the bat, as it is good thing to have a strong and more importantly a rememberable debut song. More often, there’s many groups that attract that initial attention then just fall through the cracks with average songs following on. There’s also the concern with the amount of members in the group with the issue of which person, whether it’s a rapper or a singer, getting a fair amount of lines. It doesn’t always happen, however there’s always future songs that different members can share the spotlight.

With the use of animal Gorilla, it can refer to a number of different things. For example it can conjure up the image of an alpha male, the strong vibe of masculinity, the protector of their group. Though, through the lyrics it seems that they’re playing more on the aggressive behaviour with a potential ‘mate’ as it were, it could be like a mating call or something – at least in the animal world anyway. In the human part, it’s a lot more complicated than that to attract the attention of the one they’re falling for.

“You got got me like a gorilla”.

“I’m a King Kong not a ridiculous monkey”.


For the first impressions, this definitely has strong visuals. Which is something that, if you’re already familiar with the general workings of the K-pop industry – it’s often made to look flashy and smoothly produced. The MV starts off with some kind of news headline of gorillas having ‘escaped’, linking back to the title song of their debut song.

There’s a transition between scenes between the members being stuck in a classroom setting, which could be used to help illustrate the notion of ‘restraining the beast within’ to being trapped in a ‘pentagon’, the gates forming the shape wrapped around in vines to perhaps symbolise the kind of habitat the gorillas live in. The choreography is sharp and shows off the boys’ dancing potential, overall this looks to be a very good stable debut!


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