AOA turned up the heat in early May with their Baywatch-inspired MV for Good Luck. The song’s got a catchy chorus with some English sandwiching the Korean.

Objective: Sing the ‘Good Luck’ chorus

The chorus first appears at 0:37 in the MV.
Good luck 길이길이 You like me
Good luck 길이길이 I like you
Good luck 놓치지마 Lucky lucky
Good luck 나는 너의 Lucky lucky

forever = 길이길이 girigiri
to let go or miss = 놓치다 notchida but here it has been conjugated into the ‘don’t’ form, which is +지마 jima
thus 놓치지마 notchima
I am your = 나는 너의 naneun neoye

The second and third chorus also have the additional line:
Good luck 손 내밀어 Lucky lucky
hand = 손 son
to hold or reach out = 내밀다 nemirda


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