Block B dropped a new MV this week ahead of their upcoming European tour. After their last comeback with the chilled, sentimental ‘Toy’, the 7 boys of Block B switched it up a notch and released an energetic track that has already reached the number one spot!

Produced by Kyung, Yesterday is an upbeat, pop-punk inspired track with a catchy chorus of guitar riffs. It has a signature Block B sound that echoes the likes of ‘Jackpot’ and ‘Her’ with its punchy raps, and quirky melody. Although its bubbly vibe is similar to past releases, Yesterday isn’t overshadowed by previous hits. Aside from the melody, the raps are perfectly infused into the flow of the track and the infamous ‘Zico’ plug in has returned! The lyrics mirror the playful energy of the track as the boys are trying to figure out whether the girl they are seeing is lying and sneaking around.

The group have released several versions of the track in special MVs including a mannequin challenge and a live performance on-set. The actual MV itself is a colourful, energetic production that showcases their individual personalities. The comical side of Block B returns as each member fall for the same woman in this hilarious video. Through a series of comedic downfalls, the boys finally discover they’ve been chasing the same girl and she’s been cheating on them with each other. The storyline takes a back seat as the sheer abundance of colour and quirky quips really brings this video and it’s track to life. Each member looks like they’re really enjoying filming and acting which is refreshing to see. The choreography makes a quick appearance at the end of the MV, anticipating for a fun, energetic stage as their comeback hits the music shows!

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