It’s been almost 10 years since Girls Generation swept Korea of its feet with their charming personalites, rookie turned pro talents and a string of musical hits. Leading 9 girls to success was Kim Taeyeon who is the oldest member of the group despite her youthful face.

Taeyeon was a trainee at SM Entertainment during middle school and inspired by SM solo superstar, Boa. She debuted under Girls’ Generation in 2007 as leader and main vocalist. In 2012, Taeyeon joined members Tiffany and Seohyun with sub unit TTS and finally had her solo debut in October 2015 with hit song, ‘I’ featuring Verbal Jint.

Taeyeon was the first member to embark on a solo career and was awarded Best Female Artist that year at the MAMAs. Taeyeon joins the small number of K-Pop stars who have not only topped the World Album Charts with their groups but also as a solo artist. Taeyeon is also the only female in that elite list.

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Just recently, Taeyeon broke her own record for most views in 24 hours from a female K-Pop artist. Her previous record was for her debut MV ‘I’ which has now been watched more than 100 million times. As it stands at the moment, Taeyeon has racked up an incredible 218 million views with her current single releases including I, Rain, Why, Starlight and I Got Love.

Taeyeon’s talent is undeniable and her voice is always ranked with some of the very best vocalists in Korean music. She is set to release her first full solo album and has been teasing fans with a highlights countdown. The album titled, ‘My Voice’ boasts 13 tracks and fans are going crazy to pre-order it.

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