Twice dropped their MV for latest track ‘Knock Knock’ this week and they really knocked it out the park (ouch). The re-packaged album release of Twicecoaster: Lane 1, named Twicecoaster: Lane 2, features title song ‘Knock Knock’ and new ballad ‘Ice Cream’ with the original tracks from the previous EP.

‘Knock Knock’ is the group’s 4th single release and achieved an all kill on day of release and a few days after that too. Let’s just remind ourselves that by K-Pop standards, Twice are still considered rookies. In addition to the MV, the group have released a choreography practice and their live performances have started rolling in too. We can’t get enough!


Twice’s signature sound is bubblegum pop and although some fans want a ‘Like Ooh Ahh’ round 2, ‘Knock Knock’ is as sugary sweet as their last singles. Combining an 80s vibe with a chanty hook and chorus, the song has a Twice stamp on it from the very first minute. It’s an extremely catchy track with a retro melody and feel-good sound. The playful beat really helps those harmonies in the last chorus come to life. This is a track that really showcases the member’s vocals. It’s a high energy track and a perfect addition to the group’s quirky, colourful discography.


The MV begins with a stop motion scene where every movement is a different outfit change! As the song kicks in, the members are dressed in quirky, bright styles and then we see the girls spending the night together at a sleepover where they are dressed in cute pajama style. The split screen scenes with the dance cuts is a great way to showcase each member with a variety in style. Also, the choreography is super cute and easy to memorise!

The story begins when there’s a knock at the door and the girls run downstairs to open it. They are met by JYP himself which was a hilarious surprise! The second knock at the door brings Twice a storybook filled with characters… deja vu? These are the characters from TT! Snow begins to fall and the girls rush outside to play in the snow, as the door shuts, the girls realise they’re locked outside and begin to pound on the door. This cuts to the final scene in TT where we hear a knock at the front door of the house. Fans have speculated theories as to how the two MVs connect and we’ve seen crazy ideas about how the members are trapped inside the house in their fantasy alter-egos.

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