Exam season is coming to an end for those in the UK, so now’s the opportunity for you to embrace the upcoming K-Pop releases! The end of an exam, is another reason for us to be celebrating, so let’s pray for some summer upbeat tunes to get us in the mood and hear about this week’s releases below!

9MUSES – Remember

Release: The concept of 9MUSES’ comeback, ‘Remember’ perceives a dark theme insinuated by the MV’s aesthetics. The lyrics describe a painful love, which features neglect and denial… Describing a love that deemed to be non-existent. The MV seems to represent the vulnerability of a woman in a relationship, and the journey to overcoming it. By the end we discover a stronger woman disposing of her memories which caused her distress. The song begins off as a slow-jam, but once the beat drops for the chorus, the pace of the song increases, building upon the tension of the dark narrative.  ‘Remember’ was released on the 19th of June, as the title song for their 4th mini album ‘Muses Diary Part 2: Identity’.

Monsta X – Shine Forever

Release: Monsta X made a comeback with ‘Shine Forever’ along with the release of their repackaged first album. The group previously released their first full album named ‘Beautiful’ in March, but have repackaged the album to include ‘Shine Forever’ and ‘Gravity’. The repackaged album and songs were released on the 19th of June. ‘Shine Forever’ can be described as a rhythmic electro-pop, EDM track. The group has successfully topped over 20 iTunes charts since the release of their song ‘Shine Forever’.

Lim Seul Ong – You ft. Beenzino

Release: The second oldest member of 2AM, Lim Seul-Ong released his solo ‘You’ featuring Beenzino on the 20th of June. The concept for this MV derives from the famous story of ‘Bonnie and Clyde’ where he is accompanied by his co-star, EXID’s Hani acting as his partner in crime. The pair play runaway lovers in this heart-felt ballad. Whilst the MV looks sweet, the tale it tells is rather different. The heart-shaped ‘drugs’ which are presented in the MV convey his undying love, however as the ‘drugs’ run out, so does their bond. This concludes the end to their love, as his partner breaks away from him.

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MAMAMOO – Yes I Am (22.06)

Release: MAMAMOO are bringing a confident feel to this summer, as they flaunt their bodies with confidence in this new vibrant MV. They recently came back with ‘Yes I Am’ along with the release of the 5th EP ‘Purple’. The MV can be described as quirky, whilst their vocals continue to remain flawless. The song genre would be best described as R&B and Soul, with a tad bit of electro sounds within the music composition. Electro seems the music trend these days! Released on the 22nd of June.

BLACKPINK – As If It’s Your Last

Release: The girls came back on the 22nd of June, with their latest single ‘As If It’s Your Last’. The song is another summery track to add to your summer playlists this holiday season, having a good rhythm and flow throughout. BLACKPINK’s wardrobe concept for this MV has them sporting school uniforms along with vibrant outfits. For some, the track took a couple of listens before it began to appeal to their ears. However, once it had, the melody became an addictive tune! Anybody feeling some 2NE1 vibes from this song?

Jang Jin Young x The Barberettes – Stranger’s Love (23.06)

Release: SM Station, here we are again! This time, we have a collaboration between Jang Jin Young (previously in a boy group named ‘Black Beat’ and now an SM vocal trainer – Hey Mr. Serious…) with The Barberettes for the song ‘Stranger’s Love’. The Barberettes continue to bring back the 50’s-60’s vibes as they harmonise amongst another for the track. Together the collaboration brings to us a pop-ballad song voicing the end of a relationship which leads to a lover becoming a stranger. Released on the 23rd of June.

Henry (Super Junior-M) – I’m Good ft. Nafla (23.06)

Release: The Canadian-Chinese idol, Henry releases his new song ‘I’m Good’ ft. Nafla on the 23rd of June. The genre is different from his previous releases as he releases a Hip-Hop/Rap track. Henry is best known for his expertise in violin however has primarily focused on his vocals for this comeback. The smooth tune demonstrates the care-free actions of a man post-breakup, with displays of his care-free actions shown throughout the MV e.g. drinking, partying and socialising etc.


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