Red Velvet are back this week with a new EP, Summer Magic, and lead track Power Up.

Four of the five members – Irene, Seulgi, Wendy and Joy – debuted in 2014 with Happiness, and fifth member Yeri joined them in 2015. Since debut the girls have had a string of successful hits including Ice Cream Cake, Peek-A-Boo (which was recently covered by rookies on Produce 48) and Red Flavour.

The girls are having a busy month as they just finished performing in the Japanese leg of 2018’s SM Town tour. The SM Town concerts were a great showcase of their vocal talents, as they teamed up with their labelmates Super Junior and EXO for special stages. In the past they’ve all appeared on the variety singing show King of Masked Singer too.

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Earlier this year, Red Velvet made history as the first K-Pop group to perform in both South and North Korea. They joined a group of Korean singers for a joint Korea peace concert, performed in front of Kim Jong-Un. They also shook hands with the North Korean leader. Watch them perform Red Flavour to a North Korean crowd – note Joy wasn’t with them as she was filming a drama at the time.

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