During this heated season of summer, a number of hot releases have come. As July draws to an end, and August begins, let’s check out the latest tracks for this week’s release round-up!

ZICO – Soulmate ft. IU

The mellow yet cute track, Soulmate has just been released by ZICO ft. IU on the 30th of July. Following its release, the track received a “certified all-kill” as it topped no.1 on the real-time and daily charts, of 6 major music sites. The feature also features the likes of Crush (featured during the chorus), along with Jung Dong-Hwan on piano. Regarding the composition of the track, ZICO participated in co-composing and writing lyrics for the track. It has been a while since the pair has collaborated, with the last noted collaboration being IU‘s Marshmallow released back in 2009.

The narrative of the track revolves around ZICO being in an elevator, whilst IU is outside who cannot get in. In turn, it describes the pair whom always seem to miss their opportunities, as IU seems to be unable to be inside the elevator with ZICO. The music video is whimsical, as the pair tackle a range of obstacles. However, the pair is reunited towards the end of the music video.

Soya – Y-Shirt (Deep Inside) ft. Heedo

On the 31st of July, Soya released her third digital single, Y-Shirt as part of her 4-part “Soya Colour Project”. The track was produced by a number of people, including the likes of K.A.R.D’s BM. The K.A.R.D member participated in writing the track, along with the likes of Heedo (of B.I.G). Additionally, Heedo also featured in the track as a rapper. Heedo is the maknae and lead rapper of B.I.G. You may also have seen Soya in The UNIT!

The music video of Y-Shirt was filmed in Turkey. The concept of the video showcases a scenic adventure far away, with an encounter with a stranger. Through her project, Soya aims to highlight the colour of her music. So far, Soya has released two tracks of her project. These include the likes of Oasis and ShowY-Shirt has a summery vibe in the style of dancehall. Some have stated its similarity to K.A.R.D’s releases.

LEO – Touch & Sketch

An exciting release awaits for Starlights and K-Pop fans, as VIXX’s Leo announces his solo debut. Touch & Sketch which was released on the 31st of July is the title track of his first solo EP, Canvas. The concept of the MV demonstrates a sleek vibe with Leo’s smooth, and sensual choreography. Additionally, the choreography is accompanied by Leo‘s sultry, yet breathy vocals. Similarly, to VIXX‘s colourful and aesthetically pleasing MV designs, the MV goes for an artistic approach.

Regarding the title, Touch & Sketch, it can be referred to art created through a matter of touching at one’s fingertips. In the MV, we can see Leo‘s body-on-body contact with a woman, which leads to his artistic creation. However, it’s intriguing to find the final piece is of himself. Similarly, to Ravi‘s piece shown in Bomb.

SF9 – Now or Never

As of the 31st of July, SF9 return for their summer comeback with Now or Never. SF9 fans have been buzzing with excitement as the group provide a slick release. The choreography showcases references, such as the use of the famous “moonwalk” by Michael Jackson. The group have gone for a darker concept compared to their last release, Mamma Mia. Additionally, it incorporates a neon colour scheme with a much more low-lit design. The MV is seen to involve the concept of dice and guns, possibly hinting towards the dangerous theme. Now or Never is a groovy track, incorporating mesmerising choreography. “질렀어” pronounced “jilleosseo” is the line consistently repeated throughout the track. It refers to Now or Never in Korean – It’s catchy, right?

BTOB Blue – When It Rains

In September 2016, BTOB Blue was announced as BTOB‘s first sub-unit consisting of the group’s vocalists: Eunkwang, Changsub, Hyunsik and Sungjae. The group’s first release, Stand By Me was a taster of just the group’s vocalists’ talent. After 2 years, the sub-unit has returned to release their latest track self-composed by BTOB’s Hyunsik. On the 2nd of August, they released When It Rains. The group’s first comeback revolves around a tale of love, rain and passion. The sentimental, summer ballad vocalises a nostalgic memory. The rain is a representation of a past time spent with a former lover. Within the MV we watch the members consolidate with one another, as a form of comfort. BTOB never fail to capture the essence of emotions through their vocals. Whilst they have a wide and powerful vocal range, their vocals are notably spectacular.

iKON – Killing Me

Last but not least, iKON releases their latest comeback, Killing Me on the 2nd of August. Within the following day of release, the group topped 3 major Korean real-time charts, Mnet, Bugs and Soribada. The track was co-composed by iKON member, B.I who also wrote lyrics for the song itself. BI stated that his inspiration for the song derived from the fact of how lightly people say “I’ll die” which led to the song’s title. Moreover, the main lyrics of the song talk about a breakup, though he was influenced by the words, “Killing Me“. Despite the words being heavy, on a day to day basis they are used so lightly. The title of the song, Killing Me or “죽겠다” is distributed throughout the song rather than predominately the chorus.

Furthermore, iKON created a choreography which is seemingly their sharpest choreography as of yet. It particularly showcases a high-level of difficulty. iKON was able to accumulate over 2 million views on the music video within 12 hours of release. It can’t be helped when the melody of the song is incredibly infectious, right?


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