Hi there, this week’s fan talent comes from the UK. She is a famous YouTuber called Margarita Letitchevsky! You might know her the winner YG Cover Project a couple of years ago. She has an amazing voice. Here’s the video of her cover of Taeyang- Eye, Nose,Lips:

Margarita Letitchevsky is a bubbly, down to earth girl and is learning Korean on her own. She is very passionate about Korean music and culture. She has a YouTube channel, where she sings, dance and eat and breathe Korea.

Click out her video of giving tips on how she is learning Korean:

She is very enthusiastic about sharing her passion for Korean Culture, which leaves you very inspired of the learning more about the Korean culture.

Click below, and follow her on all social media accounts and she has her own blog, which is great to learn more about her.







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