There are an impressive 54 releases on our list this week, from big hitters such as Taeyeon, Park Bom, NU’EST and GRAY, to smaller Kpop groups like GeeGu and indie artists galore.


Park Seung Il releases ‘Transparent Enough’ for the ‘Transparent Cohabitation’ OST

109 releases ‘Moon’ from the ‘We Need to Meet Now’ album

GeeGu releases ‘Moonlight’ 

A Train to Autumn releases ‘Spring Rain’

NU’EST releases ‘Bet Bet’ from the mini album ‘Happily Ever After’ 

SPECTRUM releases ‘After Party’ from ‘Refreshing Time’ 

The Boyz releases ‘Bloom Bloom’ 

NEIGHBRO releases ‘Let Me In’ from the ‘My Fellow Citizens’ OST

PERC%NT releases ‘Rabbit Hole’ featuring Sumin

Clockwork releases ‘Live in the Middle’ 

Saevom releases ‘Last Night’ featuring Yoo Jong Kwon

Shin Seung Eun releases ‘Your Waltz’

NWIT releases ‘Home’

The Poles releases ‘Land’


GRAY releases ‘TMI’ 

Jeong Eunji of Apink and 10cm release ‘Be With Me’

High School releases ‘Baby You’re Mine’ 

O.O.O releases ‘Take A Rest’ for the ‘He Is Psychometric’ OST

Ahn Suzie releases ‘Goodbye‘ for the ‘I Don’t Wanna Work’ OST

Lee Minhyuk releases ‘Always With You’

Sonacvill releases ‘Postcard’

Glow releases ‘Tomorrow’


Chancellor releases ‘Angel’ featuring SNSD’s Taeyeon

Kim Donghan releases ‘Focus’ from the ‘D-HOURS AM 7:03’ mini album

Swan releases ‘Butterfly’

I LUV releases ‘Got It’ 

BIGONE releases ‘Blossom’

Choiyeguen releases ‘Gorilla’

ACACY releases ‘Regret’

Kim Seong Jun releases ‘Our Encounter’ 


Golden Child releases ‘Spring Again’

GROW.B releases ‘Let it’ 

My Darling releases ‘Kung Chi Dda’

Park Bom releases ‘4:44’ featuring Mamamoo’s Wheein

Ran Mi Ran and Lee Syngkyoung release ‘Show Time’ from the ‘Girl Cops’ OST

Lee Hae Ri of Davichi releases ‘Maybe’ from the ‘Her Private Life’ OST

The full ‘Possessed’ OST is released

Jang Hee Won releases ‘I Wish (You Liked Me), too’ featuring Grizzly

PERC%NT releases ‘Canvas Girl’ (Band Version) featuring Choiza of Dynamic Duo

OHZU releases ‘Wind’ featuring GFU

Song Hee Ran releases ‘You Are Spring’


Yongseok of Cross Gene releases ‘Karma’ featuring Sangmin, also of Cross Gene

Cheetah releases ‘Flight’ featuring Chaboom

Moon Myung Jin releases ‘You’re My Spring’ featuring Block B’s Taeil

Tiger JK and Bizzy release ‘A Beautiful Lie’ from the ‘Beautiful World’ OST

ROO releases  ‘Is This Love’ from the ‘Gangnam Scandal’ OST

Sang Eun releases ‘My Home’ featuring Daymons Year

Platform Stereo releases ‘Silk’

O3ohn releases ‘Annabel’


Jenyer (Jeon Jyoon) releases ‘Illusion’ from ‘The Moment I Loved’ mini album

Oliver releases ‘Same But Different Dreams’ from the ‘Different Dreams’ OST

YODAYOUNG releases ‘A Night of the Star’

SillyShu releases their first mini album ’21st Century Boyz’


Ulala Session releases ‘Catch Me If You Can’ for the ‘My Fellow Citizens’ OST


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