BTS became a part of Wembley Stadium’s “historic summer” for 2019!
Wembley Stadium hosted 14 concerts in the space of five weeks. This included shows by the Spice Girls, BTS, Fleetwood Mac, Pink, Bon Jovi, Billy Joel, the Eagles, The Who, and the Capital Summertime Ball.
Describing the stadium’s success, senior commercial manager James Taylor said that there has been “overwhelmingly positive feedback” during the “demanding period”.
“It’s a summer that staff can look back on proudly and say they were a part of something that was really quite special.”
He also added that BTS’ concerts put them on a scale that they had never seen before, with their “social channels and website” going through the roof.
“They also smashed our merchandise records.”
Wembley Stadium is set to host seven games of the Euro 2020s next year, meaning no concerts can be held there next June or July.
Congratulations to BTS for smashing Wembley Stadium’s merchandise records!

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