Courtesy of concert organisers Invazi, we’ll be giving not one, but two UnitedKpop readers the chance to meet Jay Park at his concert meet and greet this coming Saturday in London. Want in? Keep reading for more info!

Complete the following steps to enter into our giveaway, winners will be chosen on Tuesday 17th – 2 days from now.

  1. Firstly, make sure you’ve liked our Facebook page and are following us on Twitter – this is especially for UKP readers!
  2. Then all you have to do is comment on this article with your name, Twitter handle, and why you should meet Jay Park.
  3. Finally, sit back and wait for the winners announcement on Tuesday.

The winners will be those with the most up-voted comments, so get your friends to give you a hand to finally meet your idol. You can only comment once, so make it worth it. Happy commenting and good luck to all!

NOTE: This giveaway is currently only for concert ticket holders.


Freya Bigg

Freya Bigg

CEO at UnitedKpop
Freya is the founder of UnitedKpop, steering the ship since 2011. She is a full time graphic designer with lots of love for her two cats. You can see Freya's portfolio at
Freya Bigg

About Author

Freya is the founder of UnitedKpop, steering the ship since 2011. She is a full time graphic designer with lots of love for her two cats. You can see Freya's portfolio at

  • jayde wynn

    Hey there ukp my name is jayde and my twitter jayde.wynn. im so excited for the concert its unreal and the chance to meet him would be amazing. I would probably freeze up and go all silly but it would be AMAZING!!

  • Bethany

    Hi UKP, my name is Bethany Nicholls and my twitter is Nicklepickle4 I can’t wait for the concert, I’ve been counting down the days! I’d love to meet Jay so much he’s my absolute idol it’d be the best day of my life if I actually got to meet him!
    Thankyou! 🙂

    • ccjvkjvdkf

      you wont get chance HAHA

      • Freya

        Hey hey, be nice, there are two tickets up for grabs here, everyone’s got a shot 😛

        • popotlal

          wow, freya

          • Freya

            Yes, popotlal? :p

        • Zena

          Wen will winner be announced eh?

          • Freya

            After the giveaway is closed, which is tonight at 11:59pm. So winners are likely to be announced tomorrow so people don’t miss it ^^

          • Ella

            More people would probably enter if people were cheating and using other dirty tactics.

          • Freya

            As far as I’m aware, most entrants are asking fanbases and people on Twitter to promote them. There’s no way for us to prove otherwise. We can only tell you to do what you can to beat the others, whether they’re cheating or not ^^

          • Ella

            Well for one I saw a Twitter friend of one contestant saying they’d make more fake account’s for them (screen shot proof) and Nunu replied about her comment coming back thanking from A Louise account. (Also screen shot) next time make it fair for everyone

          • Freya

            If you could provide us with those screenshots, then we will disqualify them from the contest. Like I said in another comment, this was all we could do in the time we had. We would have had to allow time for entries to be submitted, then collated, then checked, then winners chosen and announced all whilst allowing reasonable time to inform the winners as people may need to make arrangements to arrive in London earlier. So again, this was the only way ^^;

          • Ella

            How can i send them? Just attach on here?

          • Freya

            Either that, or you can email them to me at freyabigg[at]live[dot]com 🙂

          • Vincent

            I have seen many people cheat on here the contest isn’t a fair one either way.

          • jlenda

            what is this?

          • Ella

            My friends emailed

          • Nunu

            I swear on my mothers life it’s not me, someone keeps posting comments and saying its me on another account, they keep doing it on my facebook too ;____; I have people messaging me asking if I’m saying this and that when I’m not. Someone is bad mouthing me because they don’t want me to win which isn’t fair! -___- my votes are legit, I stayed up messaging friends, family, people I work for, I even asked some of my customers to frigging like it! There’s people on here with votes who I havent seen promoting them selves :/ people are just bad mouthing one another so that others lose! I’m not complaining but next time I think you should do a different voting method!

          • Freya

            Like I said in the comment you just replied to, this was literally the only way, or there would be no giveaway at all. I understand its frustrating, but it’s more frustrating for us to receive stick because people may or may not be cheating or using dirty tricks – which we can’t do anything about. So please understand, if we could have done it another way, we would have. ^^;

          • Nunu

            I completely understand it’s just annoying because people a bad mouthing one another so people are losing out. I do not blame you what so ever and I understand you can’t change a thing. It’s just extremely annoying because people are saying this and that about me and I now maybe out :/ I just wish people would do it fair and not be all sneaky you know? It’s upsetting that people can’t do it fairly. Please do think of another option for people to vote next time! To make it fair and so that people can’t lose out when they have no reason to! Thank you!

          • Ella

            I’ve only seen two people promote themselves, they’re not the top two. One of the top hasn’t tweeted about it and another has a protected account (great for promoting I guess)

          • Komalika

            Everyone has their own way of promoting. Just because they ahave protected account doesnt mean they are bot promoting and are just cheating. Maybe they have greater ‘friends’ or they have something else ither than twitter called ‘tumblr’ and ‘facebook’ maybe their friends are so called ‘senpai’ in other fandom which youre not involved. So stop pointing finger at someone indercetly else just bc you or your friend is not winning.

      • Amanda Birchall

        Bethany will get second place 🙂

      • nikki

        Guys stop being mean.. Everyone has an equal chance here 🙂

    • pagalram

      hi my name is pagalram i am from india and better looking then jay park

      • popotsingh

        ramaaa rammaa

  • jen

    i’m Jenny my twitter username is xo34jennyox and I’d love to meet jay because he is my all time inspiration, i’ve been following him since before he debuted and i just love the passion he has for music, even though he came into trouble he never gave up and kept making music, hes the kind of person i want to be one day so it would mean the world if i could meet him

  • Frankie Alicé Birkett

    Hey UKP:) My name is Frankie Alice Birkett, my twitter is @francesca_wut. Im a massive kpop fan and its pretty much my life;-; Id love to meet Jay park, He’s all over my wall and on my tumblr:3 I listen to all his music, Id literally cry if I met him. Kpop is literally all I do and I just asdfghjkl omfg.

    정말 감사합니다!!

  • Laura Edwards

    Hi UKP, my name is Laura Edwards and my twitter name is Lights_go_on_ . Meeting a k-idol would be absolutely amazing! I just think Jay Park is completely unique to all other artists and I think his music genre appeals to so many audiences! That’s why everyone loves him! I am completely inspired by kpop and to meet someone in the industry would be a dream come true!


    Hello, my name is miriam shane and my twitter is @pink0shane I’m a big fan of this website I check it like 10 times a day! Lol 🙂 anyway I’m a big kpop fan, and as a British kpop fan who’s LOVED kpop for 3 years now I’m happy to see London/UK finally being recognised a bit in the kpop world. Jay Park is one of my favourite kpop artists for many reasons, firstly he can pull off many genres of music. I love his hiphop style (I’m also a fan of hiphop lol) Secondly I LOVE guys with awesome dance skills!!! And man HE CAN DANCE! Aaaah he’s too perfect! ♥ Also my very first kpop album was jay park’s NEW BREED! I was soooo happy when it came, and it also came with poster of him! (Omgggg I’m fangirling toooo much!!!) Lol sorry! So to get to the point, I’ve beem DREAMING of going to jay park concert, and it’s FINALLY HAPPENING!!! I got the tickets and the concert is only less than 6 days away!!! YAAAAAAY! I would LOVE YOU GUYS SOOOOOOOOO much if I got to see MEET him!!!!! 😀 sorry if this was too long. I’m just really passionate about kpop, it’s all I ever think about. ALSO SARANGHAEYO UKP FOR KEEPING ALL US BRITISH KPOPERS UP TO DATE WITH KPOP NEWS♥ THANK YOU.

  • Hyunjin Jang

    Hi, My name is HYUNJIN JANG 🙂 Iam from korea.
    so, i am not english well, sorry
    Finally, Thursday this week, I will fly to London!!
    It is the first time in my life “visit to Europe”
    Why? it is Simple. To see his show! only..
    Jay’s performance is special. and i love him 4 years ago..
    To meet him, I had a lot of studying.
    English, Dutch, German!(It was very difficult, especially for German ㅠ ㅠ
    but i am always happy)
    I want just want to tell him.
    “JAY! You’re not alone. Where were you,I’m going to cheer for you
    Like right now! and you are the BEST artist for me!!”
    Able to convey my heart, please give me a chance.
    To be honest. I’m not a correct understanding this event (how to join the event.)
    I just wanted to meet JAY in EU. I want desperately. Pray every day.
    Tomorrow, I’ll be waiting.
    Now Korea is 2:00 in the morning 🙂
    I wake up tomorrow, I hope Hear Happy news in the morning
    THANK YOU for reading my story

    Tweeter ID : cravehj22
    Facebook name : Hyunjin Jang

  • Rissa Ngo

    Hi I’m Rissa, my twitter is cccccccn and I want to meet Jay Park because he is more than just an idol to me, his dedication to get back in the industry and create the music he likes is one of the main reasons why I admire him a lot. He was one of my first kpop “biases” and the reason he stood out to me at first was his bboying ability and dorky personality from idol army etc. As well as his dancing and music I also love his chilled laid back personality, it would be great if I could meet the artist who I have continually been supporting since 09, he’s a great inspiration to always get back on your feet as I watched him slowly progress again and rise as a solo artist from stirfrytv and his first yt account to making his own solo albums. He’s also someone who constantly shows appreciation for us Jwalkerz as well as keeping it real~

  • Neda Korablikovaite

    Hello~ my name is Neda and my twitter name is parkjaebuum. I really would love to win a meet+greet with Jay because I have loved him for such a long time and have really enjoyed watching his career grow so much! It would be such a dream come true to be finally able to meet him and talk to him in person just to thank him for his music and the hard work he has put in. Having a concert in London already feels like such a massive treat but winning a meet+greet ticket would make me even more so thankful. I really dont see Jay as an idol but more as an artist who i really respect so much. His constant persevering to do what he wants to do with his career has motivated me in life countless times to do the things that i personally want to do. So thankyou UKP for this chance so much!!!! <3

  • Yasminnie Taeminnie Lounes

    Hey UKP!!! My name is Yasmine Lounes. and my Twitter is Yasminnie64. I should win the meet and greet since i’ve loved Jay Park ever since his 2pm days and respected him even more after him 2pm days. After he left i followed his progress from the first video he posted on his youtube channel way up until he got him self back into the industry. Also to show how dedicated i am, i am miles away from the UK at the moment in Algeria on holiday and preparing for my sisters wedding. I still managed to keep up to date with when the tickets were being sold and manage to get online at the same time and buy my ticket 😀 !!! sooooo PLEASE LIKE THIS COMMENT!!!!! ♥

  • Amanda Birchall

    Hi UKP! My name is Amanda Birchall and my twitter username is aegyochaaa 🙂 I have been dying to see Jay Park live for aaaaages! I’m so excited I’ve even dragged my boyfriend to the concert… 😉 I’d love to meet Jay! It would be a dream come true!

    Thank you ^-^

  • nikki

    Hello amazing people that are giving me the chance to meet Jay Park 🙂 My name is Nicasha and my twitter is AyNikkim. Going to this concert and seeing Jay Park live already seems surreal to me but giving me the chance to meet with one of my role models and first love <3 is more than a dream come true! He is an inspiration to many for picking himself up when things got tough and evolving into the amazing artist he is today. I will always continue to support him as an artist and respect him for the person he is 🙂

    • G man

      Good luck 😉

    • Lee

      Win it!! 😀

      • chandrakant

        Shut u RAT

      • jai kant shikre

        apna ego hurt nahii karnaka

    • nikki

      Wow someone really dislikes what I have written :L

      • Nunu

        They’re just jealous it’s probably that stupid person -_____-

  • Nunu

    Hey my name Shanice and my twitter is supremebambi and I am SO stoked about going seeing my inspiration! Just like any other fan I have this undying urge to meet my one and only idol, my idol being Jay Park. I want to share that one special moment with him, to chat with him, laugh with him and also smile with him. Being able to watch him perform is SUCH a dream come true, buying tickets has honestly made me so happy it’s untrue. Getting to meet him will make me even more happier than I already I am. I think Jay is such an inspiration to many generations, he does what he loves and doesn’t let anyone stand in the way. He knows what he wants and he strives for it no matter what may cover that path he wants to walk down so badly…and I really do admire that about him. Jay made me want to carry on with so much, his songs made the darker days brighter and I’m thankful for that. I’m so proud to call myself a Jwalker and being able to meet him and tell him so would be so great. Jay Park to me is not just another performer, to me he’s someone who always manages to make me smile, someone who does not disappoint, he’s someone who brings comfort without being there. To me he’s everything and more and meeting him would bring so much joy, being able to say thank you for all he has done would be live changing.

    • Idris Adenopo

      This is amazing and I really hope you get the opportunity to meet him. Good luck Shanice! Love ya ❤

      • Nunu

        Aww thank you so much sweetie! Love you too! <3

    • nikki

      Good luck Shanice! 🙂

      • Nunu

        Thank you Nikki<3 Good luck to you too! I hope we winnnnnnn 😀 😀 😀

    • becks

      Great post Nunu how can he refuse YOU 🙂

      • Nunu

        Hahaha thank you Rebecca <3

  • laduree

    Hello, my name is jungim and my twitter is @ilteatro0425, its very difficult to explain why i have to meet with Jay in english, of course its very more difficult to explain how much i respect and love with Jay in all languages.
    I’ve been to several countries with Jay, from the first time the october 2010 in manila, to latest singapore January 2013, but this europe tour is very special meaning for me , it is the first visit in europe and first big stage of Jay.
    Therefore, i would like to join it and have a big enjoy and bouce with fans.
    Hope you to understand what i wrote, even you didn’t understand what i wrote.
    The true theory is that there is person who didn’t meet Jay before, but person who meet Jay over one time, it means his attraction is very powerfu and apprealed many people.
    I really kind ask you to pick me up and give a big chance to meet with Jay and good memory with my life in london.
    I always go with Jay, in this time wherever, i’d like to go with Jay UK.

  • disqus_2a6cAJ2QEa

    ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ그냥 밋앤그릿 티켓을 공연티켓이랑 포함해서 팔아요…. 추석명절에 가족들한테 욕 먹고 유럽까지 가는데..에라이ㅠㅠ 공연이나 보고 즐겨야지ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ 아무튼 박재범화이팅!!ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

    • Freya

      이것 콘테스트 영국 팬들이 위해 그래서 영어로 쓰다 주세요! 감사합니다 ^^

      • Nunu

        I went to bed last night with my comment on here and I’ve woke up and it’s gone 🙁 I was in second place whats gone on this isn’t fair 🙁

        • Freya

          People are trying to be sneaky and are flagging comments, but luckily we can unflag them, your comment is safe and returned :p

          • LouiseAnna

            Thats because people are stupid”!

          • Ella

            Couldn’t you have made a more fair competition? Like emailing reasons and one person picking

          • Freya

            Unfortunately with such little time left for the concert, this was the only feasible set up. All’s fair in love and war right? ;u;

        • Ella

          Well cheating your votes through fake accounts and disliking other people’s comments isn’t very fair either soo… yeah.

  • holly

    hello, i would love to meet jay park because he is my inspiration, he inspired me to dance. thank you for this opportunity.

  • Sumeya Ahmad

    Hi im a UK JayWalker my twitter id is SumeyaAhmad i want to win this beacuase ive been a fan of jaypark in his 2pm days and woow it seems along short time but to me it seems forever and even when he left 2pm i still had the hope he will have a come back still since 2010 im a jaywalker so please if i get this chance it will mean the world to me so please u wish i could meet jay park


    lol fam i wanna meet jay park bc he cool init
    come at me gals i get jay parks d
    lol kl kl peace luv u al

  • izzy ting

    I guess people who commented are going to the concert. Have fun everyone have a great night.

  • Gurung Priya

    Hello UKP, my name is Priya Gurung and my twitter is mychoomtop.I want to win this and meet jay park because well who doesn’t want to meet him? He is an amazing artist with good looks,hot body,great voice, great dancing skills and he is a guy with everything girls look for, well for me he is…^^ I started listening to him since 2pm days and he had a pretty rough times when he left 2pm but he handled it pretty well which is a inspiration to most of the fans and other people whose been through the same situation . I have always liked him as an artist and i think he is a very honest man and i have got big respect for him and I’ll keep supporting him in the future. By the way,I am looking forward to see him perform live on 21st and I am very excited for that. Thank you! 🙂

  • Lizzy

    Greetings (yes i did have to use that) I’m Lizzy, my twitter is LiZzZzZyCz. Well i don’t know what your standard of reasons could be for winning this competition which is rather generous. But I do know that I am a huge fan of Jay Park and ChaCha who helped out with the production of his latest album who is also a part of the awesome bboy crew in seattle washington AOM. I would love to be able to tell Jay Park how much I respect him for making his mark on the Khip hop scene after he left 2pm. But yeah I really respect him and admire him. Sorry if my reason isn’t enough, but would it help if i said my birthday is the day before? Probably not. But congratulations to who ever wins this.

  • @MatsuoTomohisa

    Hi, My name is Mustafa Abdallah and my twitter is @matsuotomohisa. The real reason is my younger sister is a big fan of Jay Park since 2pm debuted and we would be great to win this as a birthday gift.

  • Cee ✨

    Hello, United Kpop! My name is Cee (Twitter is PockykisuPK) and I am a HUGE Jay Park fan! I’ve been anted to go see him but couldn’t get my hands on tickets *cry*. He is an amazing artist, so diverse and very committed to making music, and I love that about him. I’ve been following his journey as a solo artist and I’m so very proud of how far he’s come – & I’d love to see him perform live and have a chance to put my fangirl screams to the test.

    (& maybe even sneakily get some pictures to admire… Ooh la la.)

    Good luck, and thank you for the opportunity!


  • S.I.N.D.Y

    Hi UNITEDKPOP! My name is Sindy @milkiibunnii
    This would be such a dream come true as I’m such a big fan of jaypark, I really love him as and respect him so so much his amazing, I enjoy and LOVE all of his songs, this would be one of those dreams which would come true thanks to you guys. His such an inspiration to many many people especially me, he taught me to stand up for myself and that there’s always going to be people to knock you down but you just have to stand strong. His AMAZING!!

  • Gabrielle Mitchell

    Hi my name is Gabrielle (@gabbiiee_x) I am going to see Jay Park perform in London on Sept 21st, with Grace Cadden and Kirstie Tagle Jackson. And I want to win a date with Jay when he is in Europe, because this is a once in a lifetime opportunity!! Who wouldnt want to meet this perfect man?!?! I love his music, his dancing, his passion, his style, his everything. I even still sing abandoned in my head haha, as a jaywalker I would love to meet the genius behind these magical songs (and then fangirl and faint). Good luck to everyone (:

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