Hebe Perry-Belfrage has an idea to bring SMtown to london, but its different from any of these events UK Kpop fans have been hosting so far! Heres a link to the event page on facebook, for those of you who may not have facebook here are the details!
Date & Time: 26th august, 12pm to 5:30pm
I thought a nice way of letting SMent know that we want SMTOWN 2012 to come to London would be to record our own music video to SNSD and Super Junior’s ‘S.E.O.U.L.’ ♥ Since the video is a tourism campaign, I thought it would be quite cool to put a ‘London’ spin on it!
We would be starting at Trafalgar Square, then moving on to the Jubilee Bridge, South Bank(Around the London Eye), then back-tracking to outside the KCC, and on to Chinatown. Feel free to bring banners, or wear something SM-related ♥More information to come, if you have any thoughts, questions or suggestions, post them on the wall or message me! ♥ Please invite all your kpop-loving friends! 😀

Some of the things I thought we could do:
-Wave banners
-Spell ‘Seoul’ with our bodies
-Crowd pans
-Running at camera (xD)
-Pretending to be tourists
-The ‘Yes!’ fist pumps from the music video
-Dancing to SM songs
-Filming from odd angles: National Gallery balcony, foot level etc
-Any ideas you guys have! Just post them below 🙂

Please join & Support the event!

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