On August 15th about 15 Kpop fans got together in Glasgow for the day. The turnout, although small, was good for a meet and a first meet at that. Everyone managed to have a great time, despite the ever present Scottish rain.

At 11 o’clock people began to gather at George Square and about an hour later, 7 of us set off for Shilla – a Korean restaurant. Another person joined us as we arrived at the restaurant – completely drenched – and another 2 joined us at the restaurant later. Once a few of us were finished with our food we left the others to finish and headed to the park at about 2 o’clock to meet another 5 people.

The next 2 and a half hours were spend chatting, messing around and of course, playing Kpop loudly. Personally, having travelled 2 hours on a bus to meet everyone, I was really pleased. It was the first Kpop event I’d managed to attend and I had a blast, although I have to admit being in a group where everyone likes Kpop was a very new experience for me, and a great one at that. The food at the restaurant was amazing too. But I was a bit disappointed when I had to leave early to catch my bus back to Dundee!

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To anyone that didn’t make it; next time please come, you’ll have a great time!

Hopefully next time there’s a Glasgow (or even Edinburgh, or Dundee – I wish) meet or mob, a lot more people show up. The more the merrier, right?

If you need help organising an event in your area, please post on our Facebook page or tweet me directly at @UK_KPOP.


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