For its 5th year, the Korean Cultural Centre UK will be hosting a celebration of Korean Culture at the Thames Festival in London this weekend. Located next to the OXO Tower, Korea Calling is a family event and includes a whole host of activities and workshops for children of all ages.

On Saturday 6.30pm-7.30pm, there will be a Kpop night which will include noraebang, photos with life-size cut outs of Kpop idols, the chance to purchase merchandise and many other activities.

Cube Entertainment will have a public relations marquee set up where  visitors will be able to view photos of their favourite Cube Entertainment artists, listen to their songs, and watch their performances. Fans will also have a chance to purchase the artists’ CDs, posters, and other products. Cube Entertainment hopes to reach out to Kpop fans in London through this event, and get a feel for how strong the popularity of Kpop is in London before they hold their potential United Cube concert. Go show your support!

Please note Cube Entertainment artists will NOT be at the event. It will only be staff who are scoping how popular Kpop and Cube artists are in the UK

Timetable of events:

Sookmyung Gayageum Orchestra
Saturday 1.30pm; Sunday 1.30pm & 6.30pm
The first of its kind for blending traditional Korean instrumentation with cross-cultural twists – expect Korean and world folk songs, with classical and contemporary European re-workings.

Babbling Comedy Perfordian Factory
Saturday & Sunday 2.30pm
Fresh from performing at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Perfordian Factory from South Korea reveals an amazing show that embraces clowning, mime, magic, juggling and beat-box.

Taekwondo – Kukkiwon Demonstration Team
Saturday & Sunday 12 noon & 5.30pm
The Korean martial art of Taekwondo is arguably the country’s best known cultural export, and Kukkiwon is one of Korea’s premiere demonstration teams.

Moby Duck Bong Soon (A Windy Tale)
Saturday & Sunday 4pm
In a unique collaboration, UK-based Moby Duck theatre group have teamed up with Korea’s best known children’s theatre group, Sadari Theatre, to produce this combination of storytelling, live music, puppetry and wild, exuberant Korean humour.

Silent Film Crossroads of Youth
Saturday 8pm
Crossroads of Youth (1934), by director Ahn Jong-hwa, is the oldest Korean film in existence, and one of only two surviving Korean silent films. It brings to life a bygone era of early Korean cinema by means of a byunsa who provides live narration alongside live musical accompaniment.

Saturday 6.30pm
Celebrate the phenomenal rise of Korean pop music as KCCUK’s regular K-pop Night returns to our open air stage.

Workshop Programme
(Saturday & Sunday)

1pm Taekwondo open workshop

2.30pm Sookmyung Gayageum Orchestra open workshop with traditional instruments

3.30pm Juggling Workshop

5pm Story-telling open workshops

6:30pm Taekwondo open workshop

7.30pm (Sun only) Sookmyung Gayageum Orchestra open workshop with traditional instruments

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