London had the DOK2 concert this summer, Cube are said to be planning a concert here, Kpopteam have hinted on bringing Bigbang & 2ne1 to the UK, and now Jay Park could be performing in the UK too.

Jonb Kpop posted on the wall of ‘Kpop in the UK.‘ (A Facebook page that I own)
‘We are bringing Jay Park to UK first early next year…who would be willing to see him perform?’ He then commented on the post  ‘We will make announcements on our official group page’
      Facebook users commented saying that they are willing to help, and that they would definately like to see Jay perform in the UK.
Jonb has since stated ‘We are still waiting for him to give us his schedule first.’  and ‘Places for upcoming concert volunteer spaces will be announced on our group page, space will be limited, so we will only be announcing it there.’

Join the facebook page! and ofcourse we will be keeping you updated with the lastest on this possible concert on Unitedkpop!


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