Avance Entertainment, recently grabbed attention for their upcoming international idol group E.S.Q, is already on the look out for “the next batch of girl-group and junior boy-group trainees.” E.S.Q have made headlines as the group formed of Canadians of ethnic Korean origin, in addition to Chinese and Caucasian backgrounds. Avance launched Global Auditions last month, and judging is now under way.

The talent agency is set to make their own wave in the K-Pop business and have begun their search for new and fresh international talent to join the K-Pop world and Hallyu Wave.

Avance Entertainment has officially launched their talent auditions globally, titled “Global Auditions 2012” (AGA 2012), which is open to all races, gender, and age.

Those interested in entering AGA 2012 must submit an audition video via Youtube with the title “Avance Global Auditions 2012: Song Title” by October 14th, 2011. In addition to submitting the Youtube video, applicants must fill out the application found on Avance Entertainment’s AGA 2012 website. Read the requirements below or visit Avance Entertainment AGA 2012’s webpage.

After passing the pre-qualifications application, applicants will need to audition in-person to qualify for the 2nd round.

Avance Global Auditions 2012 Information:
01. Details and Information
02. Requirements
03. Juding Outline
04. Application Procedure
05. Deadline

Details and Information:
01. Qualifications: Open to all. (no age, gender or race restrictions)
02. Audition videos must be posted with the title “Avance Global Auditions 2012: Song Title” on YouTube

Videos must not be edited in any way (dubbed in singing, cuts in the dance or song). However, each segment may be cut and edited together. Videos must show the auditioners entire body. Girls are highly recommended to wear heels when dancing. Videos must be comprised of the following components:

01. Introduction (in all languages known)
02. Singing (minimum 2 minutes, maximum 1 song. Must be English or Korean)
03. Rapping (optional if capable in English or Korean)
04/ Dancing (minimum 2 minutes, maximum 1 song.)

Judging Outline
01. Vocals: Singing ability based on auditioners breathing, rhythm, pitch, technique and stage manner. Pronounciation will also be judged.
02. Dance: Flexibility, sense of rhythm, posture and steps, proper technique and stage manner.

Application Procedure:
Visit the AGA 2012 website to find the application. Scroll down to the bottom.
01. Upload a video of yourself dancing + singing (as outlined above) to YouTube
02. Please fill out the entire form without missing any details. Link the video in your application form.
03. Your photo must be an undoctored photo and must be a clear shot of your face and body. Please attach multiple photos of different angles and zooms (close-up of face, body, side, etc).

NOTE: Those who do not fill in an application form will not have their videos looked at.

Share, link and recommend your videos to friends! We will be looking at how popular the videos are as a gauge of what the world thinks of your talent.

Deadline: Please upload videos and have your application submitted by the 14th of October. A representative from Avance Entertainment will then contact those who have passed onto the second, in-person round. Those who require more training will be notified as well and given pointers.

Source: Avance Entertainment/KoreaBoo

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