This is a bit of a throwback from the earlier half of the year, however, the meaning of the song I feel would always be relevant no matter what the date is or the year. For this week, we’ll be looking at Zion.T’s single ‘Eat’.

Thoughts on the Song

Even just a few seconds into the song, Zion.T greets the listener with a casual acknowledgement. I feel that this is definitely a song that I would recommend anyone to take a moment or two to hear the soft vocals merging with the backing track if they need some time away by themselves from the general stress that life can inflict onto us. Which is exactly the kind of message that this song tries to convey through the lyrics.

Zion.T gently croons in concern over the listener, as if understanding that it’s inevitable that there will always be a time where other people’s (whether it’s an employer, a family member or even a friend’s) expectations of us are seemingly so high that it does become all too much sometimes. He gives off the impression of wanting to provide some kind of comfort to anyone who listens to this song by advising them during these hard times to ‘Take out this song. Enjoy it like a piece of chocolate’ – as the theory is that eating the mentioned sweet can release endorphins, which give us a brief sensation of being ‘happy’.

The Korean artist continues to voice out his caring worries by reminding the listener to ‘make sure you eat your meals even if you’re tired.’ There’s a few occasions where he symbolizes listening to this song to eating, thus suggesting that he wants to give some energy and life back into the tired and weary listener.

Thoughts on the MV

Although Zion.T is present throughout the first half of the music video, it appears as though the woman cannot see him. The first thing that she does once she gets through the door, presumably after a day and/or night’s work, she makes an immediate beeline for her bed. He’s seen nearly always beside the woman, which includes lying awkwardly beside the bed, sitting on top of the toilet, inside of the fridge, on the table counter, sprawled across the stairs and even hidden behind a door. Zion.T’s presence seems as if he tries to provide something of a silent comfort or in the form of his song, sometimes people can’t find the right words to say to one another, cautious of not wanting to cause an argument over heated emotions.

It only starts to become more clearer towards the second section of the MV, as Zion.T is no longer to be seen as his presence has been replaced with a mobile phone (in all the scenes he was in previously!). There’s also a part where one side of his signature glasses look is cracked, which is revealed to be in roughly the same condition as the phone, as the aforementioned item seems to be forgotten about and left around by the woman in the music video. Zion.T pleads with the listener to ‘please notice me’, which could suggest that his role could be that of a concerned partner and his main port of communication comes from the phone, in which he asks the woman to listen to the song to help remind her to look after herself by eating even when she can’t bring herself to do so.

As always, the MV to the song is linked in below!

Bonus – [Infinite Challenge – Taeyang (BIGBANG) & Zion.T ‘I need a girl’]

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