As the Hallyu Wave continues to sweep the world, Google has emerged with plans to create Youtube channel which features Kpop exclusively. 

In a report by the Wall Street Journal, it was announced that Google’s executive chairman Eric Schmidt has flown to Seoul to meet with several other executives of various major IT companies in Korea. Schmidt is scheduled to hold a press conference on Tuesday, and is anticipated to announce  further plans regarding the company’s relations with Korea outside of music.

Judging by the response to a recent series of K-pop concerts around the world, that’ll get plenty of interest online,” the Wall Street Journal reported, noting SNSD‘s English fluency in an interview conducted after SMTOWN‘s Madison Square Garden concert in New York last month.

With the growing presence of K-pop on Youtube, this move should come as no surprise. Though no further details or official announcements have been made, this move will prove significant to furthering the advances of the Hallyu wave worldwide.

Source: Wall Street Journal/AllKpop


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