Ever wanted to know what your idol was doing right now? Then meet StarCall, a revolutionary new concept for communication between fans and Kpop stars, where you can watch the lives of your favourite stars through video calls. Now that we have your attention, let’s continue after the jump!

With Starcall, you’ll get closer to your favorite KPOP stars than you ever imagined possible! Starcall gives fans premium access to the lives of the hottest KPOP celebrities with its exclusive one-of-a-kind video calling feature. It’s a 24/7, up-close and personal connection to dozens of KPOP’s top artists by allowing you to receive video calls in real-time from your favorite KPOP Stars!


Girls Generation, Super Junior, SHINee, 2PM, f(x), BoA, 2AM, FT Island Secret, Sistar, U-Kiss, ZE:A, Rainbow, Jewelry, TEEN TOP, TOUCH, Brave Girls, B1A4, and BOY FRIEND!

If you’re a KPOP fan addicted to knowing everything about your idols, Starcall is a necessity. This app offers the absolutely unique feature of receiving personal, real-time video calls from the stars, giving fans the chance to have their very own face-to-face video experience. There’s only one way to get such an intimate glimpse into the lives of the KPOP stars that drive you wild: Starcall. And Starcall has all of your other news and update needs covered too, with its extensive list of features:

*Get in-depth access to the off-stage life of the stars—catch them hanging out, cruising with friends, or even in their own homes, all on video and in real-time!

*Respond with your own video fan mail, and receive a personal response back from your favorite artist!

Targeted news feeds deliver the hottest gossip and headlines!

Keep your finger on the pulse of KPOP by reading and replying to updates as they happen! Fully integrated, this feature allows fans to view the entire timeline. Fans can comment on their favorite KPOP Star’s fanpage or and reply and retweet on Twitter instantly!


Check out their websitefacebook and get the app from iTunes! Now you can be as up-to-date and as connected as Korean fans, what are you waiting for?


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