Under Interscope Records, SNSD will be readying to knock on the doors of the European market with a special album release of ‘The Boys‘!

On January 17th, 2012, the girls will be releasing a special album in the United States, Canada, France, and England featuring songs from their third album, as well as Korean, English and remix versions of ‘The Boys’.

This will mark the girls’ official debut in the European market following the release of their U.S. debut with ‘The Boys’ maxi-single earlier this month. ‘The Boys’ managed to debut at #122 on the iTunes on December 21st, with the English version of ‘The Boys’ having ranked in at #74 back with their October release.

Considering the fact that they haven’t promoted at all in the country yet, the K-Pop fever is being felt all across the world.

On December 26th, SM Entertainment stated, “SNSD will be promoting actively on stages all across the world, not only Korea and Japan. The members will also be pursuing a more diverse range of individual activities like dramas and musicals.”

Source + Photos: AKP, Star News via Naver


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