Mnet has released a new project company with CJ E&M called ‘M Live’, where their aim is to bring Kpop concerts to Kpop fans around the world. But here’s the catch; we have to vote for it. Help bring more Kpop concerts to the UK by voting at one of the links after the cut.

First up, vote here to bring Cube back to the UK.

Then vote here to have a Star Empire concert here.

SEE ALSO  aespa announce debut concert film: aespa: WORLD TOUR in cinemas!

To bring the MO.A (Most Amazing) concert to the UK, vote here.

Vote here to bring Jungle to the UK.

And finally, for 2PM vote here.

Show Mnet that the UK loves Kpop! Spread the word and get all the Kpop fans from the UK you know to sign. Let’s do it, fighting!


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