We’re holding our first official CD giveaway! For details, continue reading.

Whoever adds the most people to our chat group by the time we reach 1000 members can choose to receive one of the following CDs of their choice;

  • BEAST’s Fiction and Fact Album
  • HyunA’s Bubble Pop Mini Album
  • 4Minute’s 4minutes Left Album

Due to postage, entrants must be UK residents.

If you win and are a London resident, and are free between Saturday 4th of Feb and Monday 6th of Feb, then I can arrange to give it to you personally, as I’ll be in London at that time.

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Even if you already own all or any of these CDs or don’t have enough fellow UK K-pop friends to add, feel free to join the group regardless as we’ll soon be holding another giveaway; exclusive to members of the group!

Have fun!


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