You may have heard about the recent block B controversy. Although what Block B did was wrong. Petitions for death threats, their disbandment and threats to their mothers is going a bit far. UK BBCs (Block B Club) have created a support event for Block B via facebook for those who can not see the event page the information is written after the jump.

When? Saturday, 25 February 2012 at 00:00 until Wednesday at 15:00
As we all know Block B are going through some tough times at the moment. We want to show them that they have fans who support them in their time of need.If you support Block B please record a small clip of yourself giving words of support, whether it be a simple ‘Block B Fighting!’ ~ or a long ass essay. Also please send in pictures of yourself holding anything Block B related, or anything to show your support whether it be dance covers, singing covers etc. This will all be put in a video for Block B. ♥Please send all videos and pictures to ^^
Please send your stuff in by Wednesday the 29th….I don’t think Block B has much time..████████████████████████████████████████████████████████

Encouraging words to tweet to block be members 🙂
화이팅!!! – fighting!
힘내세요! – stay strong!
BBC들이 오빠들 사랑해요! – BBC’s love you!
피오 오빠 아프지마세요! – P.O oppa dont be sick!
걱정하지마세요! – dont worry!
다 괜찮을꺼에요! – everything is going to be fine!
블락비 최고! – block b is the best!
다시 활동하는거 보고싶어요! – i want to see you guys come back!
보고싶어요 – i miss youu / i want to see you.
영원히 BBC – forever BBC
BBC는 오빠 편이에요! – BBC’s are on your side!
자살하기마세요! – please dont commit suicide
안티들에 댓글들 무시하세요!! – ignore the anti’s comments!
힘내세요! 사랑해요! 보고싶어요! – stay strong! i love you! i miss you!
우리는 항상 오빠들 기다리께요! – we will always wait for you!



MAILING ADDRESSB101 Seolleung Bldg. 683-26 Yeoksam 1-dong
Gangnam-ku, Seoul
South Korea 135-916
(thanks to minsminsmins)EMAIL
(thanks to sanjinamarie)

Websites to Post Messages of Support

Block B’s Facebook –
Block B’s Twitter –!/brandnewstardom
PO’s Twitter –!/pyojihoon
Zico’s Twitter –!/@ZICO92
Jaehyo’s Twitter –!/@blockbhyo
Kyung’s Twitter –!/@BlockBkyung
B-Bomb’s Twitter –!/@BlockB2011
Taeil’s Twitter –!/@BB_taeil
U-Kwon’s Twitter –!/@U_Kwon disabled for the time being along with his Cyworld…. (thank you to minsminsmins)

Korean Phrases of Support
화이팅! – Fighting!
블락비 오빠들 – Block B Oppas (들 is a particle signifying more than one person, in this case)
P.O 오빠 – P.O Oppa

some girls don’t like to use ‘oppa’, like me…but it’s endearing and in this case, i think it would be nice for him/them to read….

사랑해(요) – I love you.
보고 싶어(요) – I miss you/I want to see you.
빨리 몸을 회복해(요) – Get well soon.
빨리 돌아와(요) – Come back soon…. this is more gramatically correct but you can also say 빨리 와(요)…
강한 남아(요) – Remain Strong
우리는 당신을 기다 렸어요 – We’re waiting for you


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