Due to the expansion of our site into UKP Entertainment, along with other projects we have planned. The UnitedKpop team decided it was time we made an overall company name which all of our projects could go under, leaving us with more options for other projects!

What is Full Volume Media?

Full Volume Media (FVM) is still UnitedKpop, but it’s our umbrella company for all current and future projects. Through creating an overall company we can avoid pigeon-holing ourselves into only being able to do specific things. We want to be able to give as much as we can!

What is the meaning of ‘Full Volume Media’?

The name ‘Full Volume Media’ is to represent various things; the fact we have a message to shout, we want to do things at their very best, and we want to bring a lot to people. The tagline ‘Experience the world at Full Volume’ also represents how we aim to deliver culture of the world to you all, in the case of UnitedKpop that would be Korean culture, and such are the aims of FVM.

Does this change UnitedKpop?

Not at all, UnitedKpop remains the same, it’s just now a sub-organisation of FVM. That doesn’t change anything within the site, although it may mean we’ll recruit more staff in the future!

If nothing is to change, why create it?

We don’t want to pigeon-hole ourselves into only being able to do certain types of projects, although, even with the umbrella company we can only do cultural type projects. However, this poses no problem as that is always the type of content we hope to present to everyone. Think of it like how Allkpop is 6Theory. Although it does seem like we are working backwards, we never expected UnitedKpop to do so well, so we never considered needing an overall company! We aren’t undoing anything we’ve worked for – hopefully – and we’re also hoping this a chance to open to site to more opportunities.

If you have any other questions, comment below or Tweet us at @United_Kpop and we should get back to you ASAP!


About Author

Freya is the founder of UnitedKpop, steering the ship since 2011. She is a full time graphic designer with lots of love for her two cats. You can see Freya's portfolio at freyabigg.co.uk