If you’re a part of a fandom whether it’s a game, book series or artist, Fanfiction is definitely a part of it. After taking a look at articles written about fanfiction, K-pop fanfiction has always been something intriguing to me and in this article, I’ll be discussing K-Pop Fanfiction.

Reading fanfiction is just the same as reading a good book but perhaps the difference is from a fanfic, it’s more interesting to see how things develop since you can write about something you’ve watched, read or even played and you can create, adapt or change what happens in your fanfic. From the range of fanfics I have seen or read, a majority of fans seem to write about smut-related topics and multiple relationships that end up falling in love. Some even take issues of rape, bondage and kidnap to make the story line interesting. Notable sites that K-pop fans tend to use are Winglin, Livejournal, Asianfanfics or International fanforums e.g. W2D, B2ST Rising.

People have begun making more tumblr accounts to make requested scenarios which to me are like oneshots especially in the K-Pop fandom. Not only this, but many fans take up the identity of the “profiles” of artists/idols on Facebook as roleplayers who have taken on his identity for the sake of fandom. Writing about real people is weird, right? For me, I just find it hard to write especially with my own fanfic. Some people draw a line between it but asiabang’s article seems to show most fans cannot.

I asked a reader of fanfiction, only4ueunhae reads it:

I read fanfics because its interesting and I like to be able to picture it in my head instead of watching porn or something like that. I don’t just read smut fics though. The other scenarios are interesting as well. Pairing is Eunhae. I just love them and they are so adorable together. Pairings I can think of Eunhae, Yunjae, KyuSeo, KyuWook, SiWook, Yoonyul, Hyoyeon and Sooyoung, Jongkey, 2Min, TeukSo, TeukChul, HanChul, and many more…

– only4ueunhae

The most popular pairings is definitely Yaoi and smut-related fanfics, I even read them both. Only recently have I started reading yaoi because of K-pop. I have only read DBSK, SHINee, 2PM and Jay Park fanfiction however.  But some people despise Yaoi readers and question fanfiction readers (mainly fangirls) for their choice on what they read and base it on the fact they don’t want their favourite idols dating a normal citizen or the opposite sex so they pair them up with their group members (in the case of K-pop) instead. I once watched a fancam where Yunho was telling Korean fans that he recieved their Yunjae fanfiction and commented

“Me and Jaejoong are close. But we are not ‘that’ close.”

Shipping comes from pairings in variety shows, photoshoots, collaborations in music or dance battles, fancams and many more that I can’t remember at the moment. Some believe the companies are ordering groups to do fanservice or purposely place certain members together to please fans. It’s interesting how Yuri doesn’t seem to be much of a popular pairing in comparison to Yaoi or IdolxOC.

But what I like about K-pop fanfiction is how people are starting to do interracial fanfiction especially on Asianfanfics. When OC characters are not Korean, it’s a nice change but some fanfics are often not well-written to me. However recently, I have been reading Dance For Me which is Jay ParkxOC and what I like about it is that it focuses upon an OC called Andrea who is not Korean but American with French ancestry (as the author puts it). And recently, I discovered the “interracial” and “ambw” tag on AFF and I find it much more interesting to read now.

What happens in fanfiction, stays in fanfiction if you ask me. People just take fanfiction too critically in my opinion. Fans just put their imagination down in writing with scenarios of “What if I was an idol?” it’s just for fun and some are being way too critical.

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