It would seem that BIGBANG’s latest offering, the catchy song “MONSTER”” – along with its spectacularly dramatic music video is being very well recieved by K-pop fans in the UK. It is currently charting in the number 1 spot on the UK’s “Viral Video Chart”!

“Viral Video Chart” is a site that tracks the popularity of internet videos in the UK by documenting the amount of times they are shared and distributed by UK users.

It may not come as a surprise to UK VIPs that their favourite group has gained recognition over here. The high-budget MV for “MONSTER” – along with it’s catchy lyrics and heavy beat was only released a few days ago, but it the YouTube hits are still soaring.

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This could be seen as a significant milestone to all the BIGBANG fans that have patiently waited for their favourite group to come over and perform on UK shores and, as the dates for their BIGBANG’s ALIVE Tour continue to be released, one can only hope that this will encourage YG to finally see that BIGBANG have a large following here and that a London concert is wanted!

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