After Sky News‘ inclusion of the global popularity of PSY’s ‘Gangnam Style’ in it’s ‘Strange News’ segment. It seems that ITN News (ITV’s news website), Daily Mail, Yahoo! News UK & Ireland and the BBC have also jumped on the bandwagon!

Both of these pieces are a little kinder in the way that they express themselves. ITN‘s video report says that we have all been reminded how much we love ‘Geek Chic’ thanks to the energetic K-pop singer, where the Daily Mail‘s, BBC‘sand Yahoo! News‘ online articles simply stuck to the facts.

It will probably be better accepted by the K-pop fans that were slightly annoyed at Sky News’ dubbing of the K-pop genre as “bland”.

It seems that the immense popularity of PSY’s track cannot be ignored. Especially when the song is being used by South Korea’s presidential candidates and in events like Stockholm’s Pride Parade!

Read Sky News’ coverage here.

Watch ITN‘s video report and read the accompanying article here.

Read the Daily Mail‘s piece on it here.

See Yahoo! News‘ article here.

See BBC’s small coverage of it here.

What it means for PSY’s future success levels in th UK is unclear, but one cannot deny that – in every single quote from the singer featured – his kind and humble nature shines through.

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