It’s back again, the contest that shuttled last year’s winner Cherelle Thompson to Korea, for the experience of a life time. This is YG’s third time taking interest in the talents of UK fans, perhaps this is a sign of many great things to come. At any rate, check out the contest info below!

□  Contest Information

–  Category: Singing and Dancing of K-Pops

–  Date: Saturday, 8th September 2012

–  Venue: 'All Eyes on Korea' State (Tate Modern Forecourt)


□ How to Apply

– Download application Form (attached below)

– Upload your video on Youtube

– Fill&Submit application form to

– Link Video to KCCUK Facebook (

 ※ Application deadline: Friday, 24th August (6 PM)

 ※ No late application accepted

 ※ Need to submit a FULL version of song

 ※ Finalists will be announced on KCCUK Website  (Date TBC)


□ Eligibility

 – Non-Korean nationals, UK/EU residents, No age limit

 – Non-professional singers or dancers

 – Have to sing K-Pop songs in Korean language (both on video and the Contest)

 – Have to perform live at the Contest (8th September)


□ Winners

 1 X Grand Prize, winning a chance to participate to '2012 K-Pop World Festival' in Korea

 1 X Award of Excellence

 1 X Outstanding Performance Award

 1 X Audiences' Favourites

 ※ Winners will be announced at the Contest & Prizes TBC


□ For further enquiries, please contact KCCUK:


    T: 020 7004 2600

Facebook event page here.


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