We’ve been running the site for over a year now, and as of yet it’s been entirely funded by ourselves; anything that wasn’t free, has been paid for by us. But as the site continues to grow, it needs more money to expand, and it’s money we don’t have. So we’re appealing to you guys, to help us keep the site running and growing.

Our aim is to raise £250, which will cover server and advertising costs. Any extra money will go towards giveaways for you all. If less than 10% of the users on this site donated just a pound or more, we’d hit our target. Unlike the EatYourKimchi team who recently raised money for their new studio, we can’t offer you great prizes in return for donating. But with your donations, we can run UnitedKpop to it’s full potential.
We hope you consider lending a hand! It would mean a lot to us. Thank you all for your support, and if you wish to donate, the donation page is here.


About Author

Freya is the founder of UnitedKpop, steering the ship since 2011. She is a full time graphic designer with lots of love for her two cats. You can see Freya's portfolio at freyabigg.co.uk