Now we’re not normally a site to comment on British politics but we couldn’t not tell you about this!

While it seems PSY mania has died down a little in the UK, Gangnam Style dropped to number two this week, it seems that it has truly penetrated into the mainstream. Proof of this came a couple of days ago when at the Conservative Party conference Boris Johnson, the mayor of London, admitted to dancing to the number 1 hit with Prime Minister David Cameron! In a speech about exports from London being used around the world, he used Koreans watching Gangnam Style on their TVs using London-made aerials as an example of British exports before adding that he thought the song was “very good” and that he himself had danced the famous horse-riding dance with the Prime Minister.

The Guardian also made a funny short animation of the famous elevator scene with PSY and Noh Hong-chul’s faces replaced with the Mayor’s and the PM’s which you can see here.

Did you ever think you would see the most senior politicians in the UK admitting to dancing to K-pop? I definitely didn’t!


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