Welcome to day two of my Horror Film recommendations. The film I will recommend today is a supernatural horror movie inspired by the ancient Korean folktale ‘Jangha and Hongryun’, called The Tale Of Two Sisters.

Unsurprisingly enough, this film follows the lives of two young sisters, Su Mi (Im Su Jung) and Su Yeon (Moon Geun Yeong), who are returning home after being hospitalised following their mother’s death. In the time that they have been away their father has married an emotionally unbalanced woman that the sisters despise, and amidst all the animosity filling the house between the girl’s and their step-mother, strange and violent visions begin to disturb Su Mi. This leads her to believe that their new step-mother is harbouring a dark secret.

I found this film to be genuinely quite frightening, as throughout the film there is a constant feel and threat of something ominous to come so that when the supernatural aspects of this film manifest themselves, it is almost unexpected. At some points, it is also unclear whether what you’re seeing is something to fear until it is too late.

What I enjoyed about this film was the major twists and turns along the way; sometimes things didn’t seem to make much sense, as certain plotlines were being hinted at, but when the truth of the situation finally revealed itself, I suddenly realised just how gruesome and macabre this movie was.

I would recommend this film to a fan of dark, supernatural horror, but if you don’t like creepy apparitions and sinister plotlines then this might not be the film for you! It’s not the most terrifying horror film I’ve ever seen, but I was tempted to sleep with my light on the night I had watched it. Take that as you will; a challenge or a warning.


Please stay tuned for another eleven days of horror recommendations, and be sure to let us know if you decide to watch any of these and if you have any Korean horror recommendations!


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