What happens when you combine Nanashi Dansu and SeoulRush, the two biggest Asian club nights in Scotland? InnovAsian of course! With both Nanashi Dansu and SeoulRush being run by the same person, they thought it would be a good idea to combine the two for a massive Christmas party. 

The party, which will be held at The Classic Grand in Glasgow on Jamaica Street, will take place on two floors of the building. One dedicated to K-pop and the other dedicated to J-pop, so you can experience the best of both on the night. Of course, if requested, there may be a few Taiwanese and Chinese songs too.

To request a song for the party, go to this link here. But please don’t be too disappointed if your song isn’t played, as there are only so many songs that can be in the time given!

It will run from 6pm to 10pm on Saturday, December the 8th. You can view the full event page on Facebook here, and you can also check out the Nanashi Dansu and SeoulRush Facebook pages for future events. The event is for those 14 and older, and is a steal at £5 entry.

There will also be a Secret Santa event running, so if you have a small gift – even something silly from poundland – that you can donate, then you can take part in the fun.

Scottish K-pop will also be running a K-pop meet in Glasgow prior to the Christmas party, so if that is of interest then you can check out the event page here.

So if you’re in the Glasgow area, or can travel there and are looking for something K-pop or J-pop to do this Christmas, then go along and you might find some fans from your area!


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