On November 10th, during his London visit, PSY will be making an appearance on ‘The Jonathan Ross Show’. This isn’t the first time Jonathan Ross has supported K-pop, as he previously made a video message for for the London Korean Film Festival, showing his support of SHINee as their ‘former member’.

The episode of his show will also feature Damian Lewis. Jonathan Ross usually presents a very entertaining show, putting his guests through various tasks, as well as having a chat in general. With PSY in tow, who knows what hilarities this episode will bring. PSY is to be talking about Gangnam Style, and of course performing it too, perhaps he’ll rope Wossy and Damian in on the act?

You can catch the episode on ITV 1 from 9:50pm to 10:50pm on Saturday 10th of November, and if you miss it, you can always catch it on the ITV Player.


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