There have been some truly horrendous hairstyles over 2012. Some I never thought were even possible until I saw the accident with my own eyes. It was difficult choosing only 10 ugly styles as there were so many, but we’d be here forever if we went through all of them. So here I’ve tried to collect what I think are the top ten worst hairstyles of 2012. Please brace yourselves readers, the following photos are not for the faint hearted.



10.  Eunhyuk’s ‘Younique’ hair.


I’m not entirely sure what the stylists were thinking here, but then I think that about everything Super Junior. Please SM, slanted fringes were so 2009 and even then they looked lame. Also, I think the stylists are starting to repeat themselves. Is anyone else reminded of Key’s hair from SHINee’s ‘Ring Ding Dong’ music video? I’d talk about the hat Eunhyuk is wearing too but seeing as this isn’t a fashion critique, we’ll just leave it with the tragic hair. Don’t drink and dip-dye, kids. You’ll end up like this poor sod.


9. Kai’s blonde clip-on fringe.



Or at least I hope it was a clip-on. I still remember the feelings of shock, confusion and disgust that coursed through me when I saw this tragedy. Blonde highlights in dark hair are one thing, but this is just horrendous. There is nothing stylish about blinding your main dancer with a fugly hairstyle. EXO’s stylists have generally been good with EXO’s hair, but this is the exception and it really makes you wish they’d left his hair alone.


8. Junhyung’s purple hair.



The overwhelming question here when I look at this hair is ‘why?’ Why indeed did Cube’s stylists think this was a good idea? The colour itself isn’t even bad, it’s a nice shade of purple. But the style…  it’s so ugly and it makes Junhyung look about ten years older. Hairstyle tip: If your hair makes you look like you’re in your mid-thirties and you’re not even twenty-four yet, you should probably change your look.


7. Sunny’s pink/purple/green curly bob cut.



I don’t know where to start with this horrific mess. I’m not sure what’s worse, the green curls or the weirdly shaped blonde/pink bob (that resembles something similar to Taemin’s hair in the Replay music video). Either way, this hair style is not cute or flattering, and the only statement it’s making here is ‘I need to hire a new hairdresser.’ At this point I can only feel pity for Sunny, her short blonde hair began in 2011 looking gorgeous and fresh, and now she’s left with this hair disaster.


6. Minzy’s purple bob


Similar to Sunny’s hair, another offensive bob cut, worn by 2NE1’s Minzy, dyed a horrific shade of purple… this style is such a mess. 2NE1’s stylists have a habit of giving 2NE1 strange hair but Minzy particularly gets the short end of the stick. Her face shape suits long hair, so what do the stylists do? Cut her hair as short as possible without her being bald and dye it some random ugly colour that results in her looking like Daesung (and not in good way).


5. Changmin’s acorn head hair.



It partially makes Changmin look like an acorn, and it completely makes him look ridiculous. The cut isn’t even symmetrical, to add insult to injury and just everything looks wrong. SM either needs to hire new stylists or stop the current ones from cutting idols’ hair wearing a blindfold – I can’t imagine any other way this atrocity could have happened.


4. MBLAQ’s Mir and his weird, braided mullet.


I hate mullets. They’re not a good look, so why on earth this year I’ve seen so many guys try to pull them off is confusing as hell. I don’t know, maybe the stylists were going for something different? Or Mir insulted their mother and now they’re out for revenge? There’s definitely a moral that comes with this hairstyle. Don’t insult anyone who has control over your hair; It will end badly.


3. Block B’s Zico



Zico has successfully managed to combine the two hairstyles I hate the most into one hideous mess. Why exactly anyone thought that it would be a good idea to mix the mullet (which hasn’t been fashionable anywhere outside of Russia since the 1980s) with dreadlocks is beyond me. Instead of looking like a cool pirate, Zico actually reminds me of a tramp who could really do with a flea bath. I’m pretty sure there are creatures living in that hair. The only thing I’m not sure about with this style is whether it’s better or worse than Zico’s debut hair; and a large part of me thinks that this is probably irrelevant, because both looked terrible.


2. Taeyang



Fighting hard for the position of ‘worst hair of 2012,’ Taeyang was very close to topping the list. Having basically had the same style for most of his time in Big Bang, for some reason he (or a mad/evil stylist) decided he needed a change. However, instead of choosing an attractive style, Taeyang instead has a hair style that is probably one of the most ridiculous things I’ve ever seen before on someone’s head. Did he forget to take his hair rollers out the day of the shooting? I have no idea what is going on with this, I’m just hoping to never see it again, and hopefully it will be buried with 2012, never to resurface again.


1. G-Dragon


It was fierce competition this year as to who deserved the title of ‘Worst hair of 2012,’ but GD has truly earnt it. Starting 2012 as he meant to go on, GD began Big Bang’s comeback promotions with this weird weave fringe thing, that no matter how he wore it, looked at best ridiculous and at worst like a dead squirrel. Cute.

Next, not to be outdone by Taeyang in the Monster music video, GD choose this horrifically ugly blonde bowl cut. They say a photo can speak a thousand words. If the photo could speak, it would scream one word only, “ugly.”

I’m afraid that we’re still not done. GD is a repeat hair offender, he does not quit with the bad hair. Ever. Dyeing his hair pink wasn’t the worst thing he’s ever done, but the styling leaves a lot to be desired. I’m not a fan of this hair at all, but at least it’s an improvement on the Monster hair. GD has committed too many hairstyle faux pas this year to list them all, so I’ll conclude the list here. Just remember one thing readers, never, no matter how good you think it will look, try to imitate GD’s hair. It will only lead to misery and really awful split ends.



Okay, so we’ve relived the horrible hair that 2012 gave us, but now it’s time to look at the beautiful feats of stylist genius that have made the bad hair above bearable.


10. G-Dragon



Pictures like the one above prove that GD is able to have good hair. In fact, I don’t think there are many (if any) male idols that rock this blonde look better than GD. It suits him and looks really great. As someone who was a giant fan of GD’s hair during ‘Heartbreaker,’ this blonde cut was a welcome return. GD might experiment with some weird and horrendous hairstyles, but at least this shows (hopefully) that he does still know the meaning of a cute hairstyle. Congratulations to GD for being the only idol to make both lists!


9. Bom



Bom’s hair during ‘I Love You’ was really pretty. I love the colours and I think she suits longer hair. To be honest Bom’s is usually quite lucky in terms of hairstyles, especially compared to Minzy or Dara. I think this colour and style is probably my second favourite hairstyle Bom has had ever, the first being her hair during Lonely in 2011. A great hairstyle choice by 2NE1’s stylists.


8. Hyuna



Earning a respectable 8th place for 2012, Hyuna’s hair during ‘Volume Up’ promotions and her solo promotions for ‘Ice Cream’ looked great. I think I prefer her hair in ‘Volume Up’ mostly because it looks sexy and mysterious, and I think she’s good at pulling off that kind of look. However, that said I also love her hair in ‘Ice Cream’ because it’s cute and fun, and the bright colours look really cool.


7. Jiyeon



“Wow.” Was the first thing that came into my head when I first saw Jiyeon’s blonde hair. She looks absolutely stunning with this colour, and I do really love girls with longer hair. Her hair is eye-catching (in the right way) and super sexy. Jiyeon definitely deserves a place on this list for totally rocking the blonde-bombshell look this year.


6. Tiffany


I love Tiffany’s hair colour here so much, it looks great with her skin tone and the curled style is really cute too. There’s not much I have to say here, just that it’s a classic style with a bold coloured twist and it’s worked out really well.



5. CL



Next, in 5th place we have CL of 2NE1, looking gorgeous in blonde. I think CL always looks her best as a blonde, the colour really suits her and almost feels natural. In the two top pictures her hair looks chic and screams ‘fashionista.’ In the larger picture below, CL’s hair is more feathered and layered, creating a messy, yet classy, and ultimately sexy look that I can’t help but adore. CL has such a powerful image even outside of 2NE1, and I think her ability to exude confidence means she can really make styles like this look even better than they would on someone else.


4. Yezi


In 4th place I decided to put Fiestar’s super talented maknae rapper, Yezi. I thought she deserved to be this high on the list mainly because over this year she has consistently had beautiful hair. Unlike other idols who have dyed their hair awful colours or had weird (and absolutely not wonderful) styles, Yezi’s hair has always looked good. As you can see, she looks good with blonde and dark hair, and a mixture of colours too!


3. Fei


Miss A’s beautiful goddess Fei looked truly stunning this year with her hair in ‘I Don’t Need a Man.’ The reason I like this hair so much is that you hardly see any idols using this kind of style, so I like that it stands out and it makes Fei look great. She was definitely the one holding my attention the most during the music video, JYP’s hair stylists did a fantastic job here.


2. Hyoyeon


I don’t think there was anyone who didn’t love how Hyoyeon’s hair looked in this teaser photo! Rainbow coloured hair has the potential to look a bit crap sometimes, but combined with the base of blonde hair, this looks really cool. In fact, this looks so good that I won’t be surprised if we see more idols with rainbow coloured hair in 2013, trying to pull off a similar look.


1. Nana


It was unbelievably difficult to decide which idol should be given the title of ‘Best Hair of 2012’ but despite the very fierce competition, Nana of After School is our champion! Sporting really beautiful long blonde hair, Nana seems to always look amazing, no matter what style her hair is in. And this is the reason why I feel she most deserved this award, because her hair looks literally perfect pretty much all the time. Even though her hair might not be as bright and colourful as the other idols on this list, I feel that her hair is stunning enough even without bright colours, and therefore she truly has earnt her title. Congratulations, Nana!



Which Kpop idols had the best and worst hair in your opinion? Do you feel someone was missing? Let us know with your comments below!



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