As readers may know if they have noticed the small author information box at that features at the bottom of most articles, I am currently studying Media Studies at University.

For my 10,000 word Dissertation project, I am researching K-Pop Fandom that exists in the United Kingdom specifically. This includes ascertaining how fans access K-Pop content through social media, but also what gives the genre its staying power in  the UK and what fans get from it individually.

Freya Bigg, the founder of UnitedKPop has very kindly allowed me to share a questionnaire through the website.

UK-based K-Pop fans (which I’m assuming is YOU :P) are what I am interested in, so if you would be able to take a small amount of time out of your day to fill out the survey, I would be very grateful!

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The answers you provide will anonymously inform and feature in my final piece. Which I am aiming to publish on my personal blog for any fans interested in the findings! It does not have to take you any longer than 10 minutes, please provide as detailed answers as you would like to the questions

Click here to take the survey!

Thank you so much for participating!


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I love writing (especially about K-Pop) and am trying to improve my skills with every post!