Ha Dong Hoon, Running Man, Han Byul

Haha and Byul on their wedding day.

In honour of Valentine’s Day, we are getting romantic by celebrating just a few of the publicly existing couples in the South Korean Entertainment Industry.
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Junhyung and Hara

Goo Hara, Yong Junhyung

BEAST’s Junhyung and KARA’s Goo Hara enjoying a date.

Idol couples very rarely come out to the public as it seems that they are the owners of the most active and involved fans. It is not surprising that they feel the pressure to remain single in a job that keeps them so constantly busy and relies so much on image.
When BEAST’s rapper Yong Junhyung and KARA’s Goo Hara were revealed by their respective agencies to have begun dating, I was ready to see the backlash. However, it seems that the couple’s honesty has served them well and most fans are happy to see the two together.
They are known to have exchanged couple bracelets and have been caught glancing and smiling sweetly at each other on the programmes they have both appeared on. Hara has even bought Junhyung a kitten, and herself an expensive house situated near BEAST’s dormitory!

Haha and Byul [main image]

Many were quite shocked when comedian Ha Dong Hoon and pop singer Byul announced their forthcoming marriage after only 6 months of dating. This is a bold announcement which was followed by further boldness in how open the pair were prepared to be about their relationship thereafter, even sharing details of their honeymoon plans on programmes. It was then, only recently, that the public announcement of Byul’s 3 month pregnancy was made.
These two seem to move very fast, but this can be explained in the fact that they are both larger than life characters that seem to try to live each day to the full. I’m sure their offspring will be just as energetic!

SE7EN and Han Byul

YG Entertainment, solo, actress, singer

Han Byul: “Are you awake?…He’s not…”

YG idol SE7EN and Park Han Byul have been together since the early 2000s. They managed to keep their relationship a secret for a whole seven years (I always find that funny – 7 years and SE7EN ha!) before a hacker got a hold of a private picture of the pair messing around at a bath spa from SE7EN’s personal computer.
South Korean news sites and fans went completely mad and SE7EN has previously mentioned on variety programme ‘Strong Heart’ of his anger that it was all revealed to the public in such a way. It turns out that this event actually worked to save the pairs’ relationship after it was on the rocks as a result of both of their busy schedules. However the pair seems very strong as their relationship passes its 10th year and Han Byul has even said she plans to marry SE7EN before she turns 30. (I wonder if he knows about those plans… :P)

Hwang Jung Eum and Kim Yong Joon

SG Wannabe, Sugar, Actress

Jung Eum and Yong Joon looking happy together.

SG Wannabe’s Kim Yong Joon and actress Hwang Jung Eum are a couple that are currently dealing with something that South Korean couples all go through – the separation brought on by military enlistment. Yong Joon is currently serving his compulsory two-year national service, leaving Jung Eum to wait patiently for his return.
It must be a time when a lot of relationships are put under a bit of strain, but these two have managed to keep the flame burning. Jung Eum is keeping herself busy with her projects but also hilariously revealed that Yong Joon ‘commutes’ to and from. While this may not be true, it is clear that the couple still make time to see each other when they can.

Han Ga In and Yun Jung Hoon

Actor, Actress, G-Dragon

G-Dragon, stay away!

This actor and actress couple got married back in April 2005. I am often led to feel quite sorry for Jung Hoon as it is a well-known fact that Ga In has a mobile phone full of pictures of G-Dragon, whom she is a big fan of (who would want to compete with that guy?!) He has also expressed his dislike at being referred to as simply “Han Ga In’s Husband” rather than being known for his own work.
However, despite all this difficulty, he is clearly willing to accept it all for his wife and the two have remained strong despite all the time they spend on their respective acting careers.

Yoo Jae Suk and Na Kyung Eun

Running Man, Actress, Nantion's MC

Jae Suk was full of jokes even on his wedding day.

Jae Suk (a.k.a ‘The Nation’s MC) is known to be one of the funniest and kindest people in the celebrity world, and no one would probably be willing to back this statement more than his actress wife Kyung Eun. The pair was wed in July of 2008 and keep their relationship quite private even despite both being in such intense limelight.
You can almost feel the love that they have for each other and their children when they discuss them publicly. This is only on the rare occasion though, as they seem to want to keep their relationship for themselves only, which makes it much more romantic in my book!

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Tiger JK and Yoon Mirae

Running Man, Hip Hop Special

They always got swag…SWAG!!

These two were married in June 2007. They are both rappers that have a huge amount of passion for their work and have worked both separately and collaboratively in their careers. Anyone that has seen the Hip Hop special of the variety show ‘Running Man’ will know that these two have a great chemistry together. They bickered a lot and Tiger JK was even given the task to betray his wife as part of a mission, but the wonderful moment they shared together at the end showed just how much they care for one another and what good senses of humour they both possess. They also have a young son together.

Lee Hyori and Lee Sang Soon


Hyori, U Go Girl

Definitely NOT ‘Beauty and the Beast’

Of course, not all K-Entertainment couples are both celebrities, but many people were incredibly shocked when Lee Hyori revealed the identity of her other half to the public back in 2007. Hyori is often known as the ‘Queen of K-Pop’ and has been rumoured to be with a variety of celebrity males, in fact it may be quicker to list the ones that weren’t involved in these rumours rather than those who were (I may be over-exaggerating slightly).
Nevertheless it has been revealed that she is in a happy relationship with singer-songwriter Sang Soon. This news has not gone down smoothly with everyone, for example, I was appalled to come across and article that listed them as the number one “Beauty and the Beast” couple a while ago.
However, the two seem undeniably comfortable with one another, and I think that Sang Soon provides Hyori with that down-to-earth vibe that she must crave as such a famous celebrity.

Sunye and James Park

Wonder Girls, JYP Entertainment

Both looking lovely on their wedding day.

Here is another couple that has shocked the public – this time with a very recent wedding announcement and ceremony. As soon as the Wonder Girls members’ dating ban was lifted by the big boss JYP a while ago, all eyes were on the girls to see if they would begin to take the steps into the world of relationships. Member Sunye later revealed that she had begun a relationship with an individual she met while taking part in charity work in Haiti.
Quite a frenzy ensued thereafter as fans wanted to know all they could about this mysterious non-celebrity called James Park. However, the two have managed to keep an awful lot behind closed doors and even got married last month in a classy ceremony, keeping the media satisfied with exclusive and beautiful photo shoots.
To many fans’ dismay, it was not long after the initial wedding announcement was made that the following one informing us of Sunye’s leave from the Wonder Girls was also made. This has left a big Sunye-shaped hole in the group, but on the plus side, leaves the pair to enter post-marriage bliss together without any distractions, not to mention opening the door for the remaining WG members to embark upon respective solo careers.

Tablo and Kang Hye Jung

Old Boy, Epik High, YG Entertainment

I wonder what they are laughing about…

Married since 2009, this Hip Hop singer and actress are both part of YG Entertainment. Tablo said that Hye Jung was probably one of the only reasons YG decided to take on Epik High after their history of trouble and the difficulties they were having with their previous label.
I actually only found out that these two were married after researching the hugely famous South Korean film ‘Old Boy’, for which Hye Jung played the main female character. They are both extremely talented individuals and they married in 2009. They seem to give off a very strong vibe and seem to have a very solid and loving relationship. This is only strengthened by their young daughter Haru, whom the pair clearly dote on.
These are another pair that keep their private life quite far from the public eye, but Tablo has often joked about his wife on variety shows, saying things like she wishes he was more like their agency-mate PSY.

That is enough love mush for one article!
We hope that you have some great plans for Valentine’s Day, whatever your marital status!
As for me, I am now off to hug my Super Junior poster…I’m joking! *shifty eyes*

Who are your favourite couples from the K-Entertainment Industry?

Or are there any ideal celebrity couples that you WISH were real?

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