In the celebrity world today, it is not uncommon for cosmetic surgery procedures to take place. Most people will also be familiar with the cosmetic procedures that have not turned out too well.

It is an area that many K-Pop fans will also know as a few South Korean celebrities have come out with the news that they have undergone cosmetic procedures themselves, and that is not even mentioning the many K-Celebrities that have simply been accused of doing so by spectators and fans alike.

However, none of these surgery stories are quite as shocking as that of South Korean model Hang Mioku.

There is not a lot of information available about Mioku aside from brief coverage of her life as a model in South Korea and the fact that she underwent her first cosmetic procedure at the age of 28. This was all before the events for which she is now, arguably, most famous. Mioku allegedly became obsessed with plastic surgery, she reportedly travelled to Japan to continue her surgeries to then travel back to South Korea and actually be trusted by a doctor with her own silicone and syringes to administer the procedures herself.

Once Mioku ran out of silicone, she became desperate and resorted to injecting cooking oil into her face.

Needless to say, her body reacted extremely badly to the substance and resulted in her becoming majorly disfigured. Thankfully, due to donations from the public, Mioku was able to get corrective surgery. However, she remains severely disfigured.

Interestingly, the MailOnline reported this story at only the beginning of last month, even despite coverage of this story going back as far as 2008. The Telegraph being a British outlet to report it back then. Personally, I remember stumbling across images of Mioku and being incredibly shocked about as far back as a year or two ago.

While it is unclear exactly why the story has resurfaced now, I’m sure Mioku’s story will touch the hearts of British readers and perhaps show that physical insecurity and societal pressure to be ‘beautiful’ is not just limited to the Western world.

You can read the MailOnline article here – it also includes the documentary coverage Mioku’s story received on South Korean television.

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