STARKIM Entertainment are looking for a page to represent Led apple fans in each country!

Over their Facebook page, STARKIM Entertainment have announced that they want an official fan page from each country. This page will have the responsibility to translating and updating news on Led apple quickly and efficiently. Along with this, the fan page will represent the fans in each country. Maybe the Led apple UK fan page can be selected!

You can register from 9am July 13, 2013 to 7pm July 19, 2013 KST through email, and the winners will be announced on July, 25, 2013 through Led apple’s Korean official Facebook page.

Taken directly from their Facebook post, this is what you need to be able to qualify.
1. The face book page should have at least 800 or more likes.
(If there are Facebook pages that have equal numbers of likes, the page that has higher trending will be selected as the tie breaker.)
2. We prefer that the Facebook page’s admin be able to translate and provide captions from Korean to their native language when videos are uploaded.
3. Able to be contacted and kept in touch at anytime
4. Someone who will consistently help and support Led apple.

When you go to email them, you need to include:
*Subject of Email: [Name Of Country] Title Of Facebook Page
*Send to:

*Country of fan support page:
*Name of Admin:
*Address of Admin:
*Contact information:
*E-mail address:
*Daily average of Led Apple postings:
*URL address of Facebook Page:
Again, this was taken straight from their Facebook announcement.

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If your page is selected, you will be ‘liked’ on Facebook by Led apple’s official page, you will receive your own logo, and even receive giveaways such as autographs from Led apple, photos, videos and more!

So, if you own a Led apple UK fan page, register yourself and become a Led apple official UK fanpage! Good luck to everybody registering!


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