SS5 in London has been something of speculation for a long time now, with fake dates whizzing around the internet, ELF have been more than a little frustrated. Finally, we have something solid to go on, today Wembley Arena announced Super Junior’s London concert.

SM are bringing Super Show 5 to Wembley Arena on November 9th, this year. And according to Wembley, it’s an unmissable event. And we hope you’ve been saving, because tickets go on sale in a short 4 days, on Sunday September 29th, at 10am GMT. You can access the ticket sales page here.

Prices range from £56 to almost £200 – and that’s including service fee thankfully. So wallets at the ready for this Sunday!

So far, no starting/finishing times have been announced, or which ticket packages are available for the concert.

Stay tuned to UnitedKpop, and we’ll keep you up-to-date as we know more!

UPDATE (27/09/2013)

The Wembley Arena website has introduced a new system for selling tickets for events, this will also be in action for SS5 show tickets.

They have teamed up with AXS Ticketing and have introduced the ‘AXS Waiting Room’.

The AXS Waiting room opens half an hour before the official ticket sale starts, it allows users to fill in all their details and take a look at the event’s seating plan before they buy the tickets.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t mean that using the service will guarantee that you get a ticket, but being able to check where you would like to be in the venue and being able to submit your details before the live ticket sale starts at 10am will surely alleviate some of the stress and panic that may be present!

Details of the ‘AXS Waiting Room’ can be found here.

Our advice is to be up bright and early this Sunday the 29th and be ready to go at 9:30am so you have the best chance of getting a ticket!



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