This particular product initially enticed me with its fun packaging and concept! After having tried all four masks, I think I may have found the one exception to the ‘Korean cosmetics are cute AND effective!’ rule. Here’s why…


Etude House are renowned for their cute and creative packaging ideas, and this wash off pack set was no exception. I got mine from KpopMart for £4.51 but since this is a popular brand, you will no doubt be able to find it at your favourite K-goods site. The good price (4 masks with more than one use!) and the packaging were – unfortunately – enough to convince me, world’s biggest consumer, to buy the product. I couldn’t actually find any product information on the site, and if there is any on the actual product itself, none of it is in English! I could understand the labels on each mask of which fruit it was supposed to be, but they have correlating pictures on each one anyway. Regardless of my lack of knowledge on what the product was supposed to do, I plunged in headfirst anyway, bought the pack, and patiently awaited my package.

The product is designed to look completely like a pack of four yoghurts, albeit just over a centimeter deep. I have found, though, that each mask can be used at least twice, three times if you use it sparingly.  After searching around a little bit, I did manage to find out a little bit more about what the product promised to do. There were words like ‘smoothing’, ‘softening’, ‘healthy glow’… Empty promises? Personally, I have never understood how a product can provide the user with ‘glowing’ skin but I guess the experts at EH know better than me! What I can say is that, I found this product relies more on its concept than its results…

The texture of the masks is very yoghurt-like, so thumbs up for that! It feels like a cooling sort of mask, and no doubt offers some kind of soothing effect to the skin. If you have dry or sensitive skin, this product might be for you. I can’t say it’s had any sort of effect on my skin apart from maybe feeling a little smoother after use. However, this effect isn’t long term and may just be an illusion created by some lasting minuscule residue for a day or so.

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The scent of each mask is appealing and the colours are just as good – all except the Kiwi mask; I can’t say I was expecting a bright blue colour. This was a little off-putting (OBVIOUS USE OF UNNATURAL CHEMICALS) and didn’t really fit with the natural theme that the product seemed to be trying to create.

The masks are easy enough to apply, but deceivingly hard to remove. The texture of the mask doesn’t change, unlike some masks that dry during use, but the layer closest to the skin seems to want to stay where it is. Perhaps using a flannel of sorts is the easiest way to remove the last of the residue. Even when the mask is all gone, it’s hard to decide whether or not to use a moisturizer afterwards, as would likely be normal procedure with most face packs. My suggestion is that you leave it for a while, but check if your skin feels dry later and then you can simply apply some moisturizer if it’s needed. This way you don’t overload your skin if it doesn’t need it, but you can save it from drying out too.


This review is a little back and forth but I’ll attempt to round it up by saying; you don’t really need this product. I would recommend buying it if you have a little extra cash, purely because it’s fun and novel and quite sweet, really. If you’re looking for a solution to a skin problem though or something that will provide long term results, look elsewhere. Overall, a 5/10 for the I Need You, Yoghurt! Wash Off Pack.

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