After 2NE1‘s successful performance and 3D hologram concert debut at the London KBEE 2013, Dazed and Confused have released an interview with the girls on their website Dazed Digital!

The interview itself was quite in-depth, asking questions about the long-awaited next album as well as how the members feel about the pressures they experience during their career, what they thought about their individual growth and their apparent global fame.

As many Blackjacks might expect, 2NE1 are very humble when talking of their success, citing the importance of their fans, both local and international, in helping them achieve this level of fame. The girls also see their fans as integral to their motivation and creativity in their work and always try to consider how they can make their fandom happy.

The insecurities they felt at showing their more feminine and sweet sides during their ‘Falling in Love’ promotions is also touched upon which helps to show everyone that they are not always as confident and fierce as their image portrays.

Here are some quite inspiring words from the leader when asked about the pressure they feel to deliver after already having so much success:

I believe now is the time to take everything to another level. It’s definitely a challenging task, but as long as we have to deal with this fact wouldn’t it be better to do it with a positive mind? I believe that if I enjoy the process I will be able to have good results and overcome the hardships.

– CL










You can read the full interview here.

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[Source: Dazed Digital].



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