Over the past week or so, BIGBANG fans may have been following the recent activities of G-Dragon and Taeyang on their SNS when it emerged they had been invited to attend Paris Fashion Week.

Daily updates on their Instagram and Twitter accounts with what they got up to at the fashion shows fed the VIPs excitement and curiosity that these two managed to gain a special mention on The Guardian ‘s fashion blog.

In Lauren Cochrane ‘s latest blog post she discusses the styles on display at Hedi Slimane‘s Saint Laurent menswear show and even which famous stars were in the front row. GD and Taeyang ‘s presence was mentioned in the blog post, as well as what clothes they wore during their attendance. Somehow their Instagram updates made them the global star of the Saint Laurent Show, thanks to the VIPs.

Lauren‘s full blog post can be found here if you want the full scoop of what went on.


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