Korean rock band YB (Yoon Do Hyun Band / YoonBand) have teamed up with Guns N’ Roses manager Doug Goldstein to reach their goals of extending their international fan base. 

With the help of their new manager, Goldstein, and PR company Big Machine Agency, YB are set to release their first international, English language, single to the UK market (and the US) in February. [Source]
The group plan to promote the track via radio shows and magazines, and who knows, we could eventually see YB playing shows in the UK as one of their career aims in to bring the ‘best Korean rock show to the world.

YB aren’t strangers to Europe, having toured with British punk rock band Steranko, a group that wowed Korean rock fans when they played the Busan Rock Festival.

The group also have a huge link to the UK in the form of guitarist Scott Helliwell, who himself hails from the UK.

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The group reach their tenth anniversary this year, and they’ve been an eventful ten years. With twelve releases including two live albums accounting for more than two million album sales, YB has been said to be the most popular rock act in Korea.
With their song Oh Pilseung Korea (Go Korea!) providing their turning point through it’s use as a cheer song amongst all generations during the Korea-Japan World Cup, it gained them the title The Representative Of Korean Music.
Only a year later the group were the first people to be awarded the World Peace Music Award for their contribution to improving human rights, and performing many concerts for underprivileged people.

Check out the group performing A Flying Butterfly on You Hee Yeol’s Sketchbook.

[youtube id=”Bt0jRWHnug0″]


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What do you think of YB? How do you think they’ll fare in the UK?



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