Welcome back to another dose of our Fun Story OTW feature. For this week we dive into the activities of BIGBANG members Taeyang, Seungri and G-Dragon who are currently on their Thinking of You tour across Asia.

At their recent fanmeets GD, Taeyang and Seungri randomly picked three lucky VIPs to let come up on stage for a little fun. The BIGBANG members and the VIPs were required to dress up with different concepts.

For our fun story, we focus on the activities at the Thinking Of You fanmeet in Hong Kong. GD went with a cute animal theme, originally putting on a Tigger hat but then went with a Pikachu cloak instead and to make the look more adorable, he added Minnie Mouse ears on top whilst the Japanese VIP he was teamed up with was given a cute teddy bear cloak and huge paws.

Taeyang and the VIP standing alongside him went with a simpler look – focusing more on hip-hop fashion. Seungri and the third lucky VIP opted for a combination of sexy and Gwiyomi with Seungri showing some of his bare leg and acting sassy.

You can see what went on in the following fancam:-

Here are some fan photos from this fan meet. Credit for photos as shown on watermark.





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