UK online and print magazine Fiasco Magazine, who frequently dip toes in the world of K-pop, have come back with another interview; this time with the Tasty twins. Previously Fiasco interviewed the boys of Infinite backstage at their London show last year.

The interview asks the boys about their choreography, Chinese heritage, when they’ll next be back with another hit.

Tasty, the Chinese born and raised twins Jung Daeryong and Soryong, debuted in 2012 with the sweaty, shoulder popping, EDM racket of ‘You Know Me’ (너 나 알아) which, besides sending new fans into a spasm of “which is which?”, gave them a standout moment in what was a very busy rookie year. Strange then that after a strong start it took almost 12 months for them to be seen again.

Their return, sporting Infinite H on lyric duties, saw them drift around the edges of a New Jack Swing sound for ‘MAMAMA’, which became full blown on ‘Day ‘n Night’, pushing the vocals into the forefront over their enviable dance abilities. The speed of style transition, particularly for such a new group, was unpredictable but nothing about Tasty has played by the K-pop rule book. They debuted at the ripe old age of 24 after jumping the JYP ship to Woollim, were trained in the States rather than South Korea, and their personal history – until recently – was shrouded in a fog of evasive answers and guesswork.

It’s been five months since their last comeback and no doubt their fans are getting itchy for their return so why not collar Daeryong for a Q&A session in between slinging up selcas on his Instagram and performing with SM Entertainment’s big guns? We take the twin known for his “bunny teeth” – seriously, this is an actual identifier as opposed to his brother’s choppers – and demand answers out of him for ten minutes. Well, almost.

Check out the full interview, here!


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