Comedian Kim Je Dong is visiting the UK this month to hold lectures in various universities.

The host of Healing Camp, Aren’t You Happy was previously sent invites but due to his busy schedules, he was unable to attend but as there are no scheduling conflicts this time round, he is officially coming to the UK.

Many singers have spoken at universities to discuss Hallyu e.g. PSY and Super Junior but it is a rarity for a Korean entertainer to be invited to speak at universities.

Kim Je Dong has held his overseas talks in America but is now going to bring them to our side of the pond. He wants to create an atmosphere where everyone can voice their opinion and will speak to the students about person to person interactions. As long as I have a microphone in my hand, I’m going to call it as I see it he says.

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Lectures will be held at the following locations:-

Cambridge University – May 9th
University of London – May 10th
Oxford University – May 16th

While all these lectures have been filled, hopefully there will be an announcement for extra dates in the UK.



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