A while back, we wrote about Japako Magazine, the German based English K-pop magazine. Now we’ve gotten our hands on a copy of the magazine itself to show you what it’s all about, and if you stick around, you could be in for the chance to bag a copy yourself!

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CONTENT: 4.5/5

Japako Magazine is full of great content. From your typical confessional column to free posters, it’s every bit a legitimate magazine. But with the Korean fashion, latest K-pop events, idol interviews and more, it’s 100% K-pop. The addition of their art and culture sections gives a unique edge to the magazine,  it’s like a mash between a teen magazine, a lifestyle magazine with a K-pop coating. Japako Magazine has all angles covered.


The magazine also comes with a few high quality posters for your viewing pleasure. And if that wasn’t enough, they run giveaways too. Their second edition featured a giveaway for a t-shirt or one of six polaroids, all signed by C-Clown. If the quality of product didn’t make it worth the £7 for you, we guarantee the content will.

C-Clown are keen to hit Europe, with UK included!

C-Clown are keen to hit Europe, with UK included!



As a designer myself, the design of anything is priority. I’m sure many K-pop fans will also agree, the better designed the merch, the more you want to own that. After all, a BIGBANG T-shirt in Comic Sans is nobody’s first choice, right?


The design of Japako Magazine has great layouts with appropriate font choices, it’s a well designed magazine. The paper is great quality as is the printing; fashion magazine semi-gloss standard, well worth the money!

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As previously said, the magazine is well worth the money. However when shipping is added on to that, it can seem a little disproportionate. If you’re in or near London, this isn’t a problem. Japako Magazine is sold in H-Mart in New Malden, so you can save yourself both a short wait and a few quid by popping in store and grabbing a copy.

For the rest of us outside of London though, online is the way we have to go. The magazine itself is approximately £5, with £2 added shipping. That’s £7/8 euros in total.


With all things considered, Japako Magazine is fantastic magazine. Looks great and is worth the money, plus, free posters! However, if you need a little more convincing, check out our giveaway at the end for the chance to win a copy of the second edition featured in this article. But if you want to grab yourself a copy straight away, you can purchase it from their site here.


We’re giving away two copies of Japako’s second edition, featuring C-Clown, Lunafly’s Yun and more, exclusively for our readers! To enter, just complete the following steps:

Giveaway Deadline: August 1st (1 month)

Note: This giveaway is only open to European residents.


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