You might remember that during summer this year there were a couple of K-Pop fan meet ups organised and held in Manchester and London. True to typical K-Pop fandom form, these events were very popular and interest was expressed for more of them to be organised. Well, there are now two further events to be held in this October in Manchester and Birmingham!

MANCHESTER MEET UPS (Saturday 25th and Sunday 26th October)

What time?
12pm (on both days)

Around the grassy area just in front of the Rice Flame Bar & Grill in Piccadilly Gardens.
If you attended the meet up in July, it’s the same place everyone gathered at again. If not, it’s super easy to find and if you’re getting a tram it’d be best to get off at Market Street then walk over in the direction of the big wheel.

There are tram stops all over Manchester. If you’re coming from outside of Manchester, however, there are frequent trains and megabuses that are available (though of course you’ll have to book these in advance).

SEE ALSO  STRAY KIDS are heading to Hyde Park!

Be sure to join the Manchester Meet Ups Facebook page, read up on the full details and ask the admins any questions you might have!

BIRMINGHAM MEET UP (Monday 27th October)

What time?

At the bull statue in the Bull ring.

Be sure to join the Birmingham Meet Up Facebook page, read up on the full details and ask the admins any questions you might have!

There are NO age restrictions for these events, all ages are welcome!

Event goers are advised to bring at least £15 or so for food, as trips to restaurants for lunch are planned.

Even if you have no one to go with, you are encouraged to come along and make new friends!

The organisers for this event can be contacted easily through the event pages. They are very friendly and open to all your queries.

If you can make it, be sure to mark these events on your calendars, these are set to be some fun fan meet ups!


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