The KCCUK opened applications for their highly sought after Sejong Institute Korean classes yesterday. With just 48 places over 3 classes, the course is very much in demand.

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There will be 20 places each for Beginners on Wednesdays and Saturdays, and a further 8 places for the Advanced class – which also takes place on a Saturday. There are currently no spaces in the Intermediate class, and the KCCUK has advised that any applications to the Intermediate class will be placed on the waiting list.

To apply, you are required to fill out an application and send it via email, along with your CV. There is also ‘special‘ admission, in which you are required both the CV and application, as well as a letter of recommendation and proof of employment. Those not successful in special admissions will be added to the regular submission process.

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All applicants are required to be over 18, and those who have previously dropped out are not permitted to re-apply. Additionally, those applying for higher levels will be asked to take a brief level test of speaking, writing and reading to confirm suitability for the level applied for.

The deadline for applications is December 21st, any applications sent after the deadline will be deemed invalid. Check out the KCCUK’s site for more info and to apply.

In April 2015, applications will be opened for the KCCUK’s other classes, ‘Learning Korean through K-Movies.’


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